AR app brings kids’ drawings to life

While Australia’s Jellybeanstreet has enabled parents to turn their kids’ doodles into prints for the home, a new app is bringing those drawings to life in a different way. When viewed through the colAR augmented reality app, children see their colorings turned into animated, 3D characters.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app requires users to first download templates from the colAR website that kids can then print off and color in in any way they choose. Once they’ve finished their creation, they can open up the app and view their drawing through a smartphone or tablet. The app uses augmented reality to show a 3D animation of their chosen character, complete with the personalized shading and additions made by the child. The app could be used at home, or even in schools to make art more engaging for kids. The video below shows how the app works:

Considering kids are used to spending their time playing with apps, what’s unique about colAR is that it actively encourages them to take part in a physical, offline activity. With a large enough and ever-changing library of images for children to choose from, could a platform such as this become a big hit with young people, inspiring their creativity?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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