Apps to help get you home during the party season

It's December and with December comes late nights and lots of parties, whether it is meeting friends to swap presents, or Christmas lunches that go on a little later than you intended.

But unfortunately trains don't exactly win a gold medal for being great at this time of year so we have rounded up five essential apps to download that will give you a little helping hand home.

National Rail - Android, iOS

If you are dedicated to getting the train home and avoiding the hefty taxi bill, the National Rail app needs to be on your smartphone.

You'll be able to find out real time train information, including any disruptions on your route, and you can re-plan your journey through the app if you need to.

For all your favourite journeys and stations, there is the My Travel section for finding your next train home quickly and the app also has wake-up alerts so you don't miss your stop.

Hailo - Android, iOS

Public transport might be out of the question for you, in which case Hailo will help you get a taxi to drop you at your doorstep.

You can put your arm down as no waving is necessary with this app, instead it uses Google Maps to pinpoint where you are and the licensed driver will find you while you watch it arrive in real time.

Hailo allows you to pay by cash or using the card account you have set up and it will email you a receipt of your journey for that expense form.

Uber - Android, iOS

Perhaps you don't want any old cab to drop you home and if you want luxury and style, you need an Uber.

The Uber app lets you request a cab and compare rates for different cars from luxury to standard, as well as get a quote.

Like Hailo, your location can be set on the map and the driver will find you while you watch them arrive, plus you'll get an emailed receipt too.

You can pay by Google Wallet, PayPal or add a credit card to your Uber account and if your Uber is travelling less than 11mph, you won't pay as much so you can relax in the traffic jams.

Tube Map Live Underground - Android, iOS, Windows Phone

You may have left the party slightly earlier in which case, the Tube Map Live Underground app could be your best friend for finding the quickest route home the tube way.

The app will help you find the nearest tube station to where you are, and there is live departure and station information so you'll know how long you have to make the last train.

You'll be able to see the tube map if you want to work it out for yourself, but if not, there is also a route planner to help you find the quickest route home.

London Transport Live - Android

For those of you who enjoy the big red bus option, the London Transport Live app will give you information on both bus and tube, with a journey planner to help you out.

Using live data from Transport for London and Countdown, this app will tell you when your next bus or tube is arriving so you can leave in plenty of time.

There is also a full version option, in which you’ll have access to jam cams information and Barclays Cycle Hire docking station information incase you fancy riding home.

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