Appointment Setting Tips – Shadows Can Be Chased

When does an appointment setting campaign feel like chasing shadows? Well first off, the notion sounds ridiculous. Chasing one’s own shadow is like a dog chasing its own tail. On the other hand, what if the shadows you are chasing are actually your prospects for appointment setting? You might feel like less of a dog and more like someone who needs to investigate the mystery further.

Adjusting Your Appointment Setting Strategy To Follow

Appointment Setting Tips – Shadows Can Be Chased image p scary shadowAppointment SettingFirst off, not all shadows belong to you. In the case of software leads and appointment setting, businesses leave all sorts of shadows throughout the different channels B2B organizations use for their own marketing purposes. Instead of fearing them or disregarding them, why not follow where they lead?

  • Telephone – Do not feel ashamed if you have still use a bit of telemarketing in your appointment setting campaigns. On the other hand, a shadow is at work when you think a failed call automatically means ignored. Make a few more calls before moving on to another appointment setting prospect. Try to find other ways to get in touch or even if you can pay them a visit!
  • Email – You got yourself a good mailing list but not many respond? Such is often the case of appointment setting strategies that employ email as well as direct mail. What you might be missing out though is that, like the telephone number, an email is no guarantee that lands in your intended decision maker’s inbox. Follow-up with messages with other appointment setting tools to see if they really did.
  • Social media – At first, you are excited to apply social media into your accounting software appointment setting strategy. Soon though, you feel disappointed to find that not many prospects online are as active as you expected. They rarely post anything that betrays their needs. The answer usually means you must either find another means to engage them or increase your own involvement with their social media activities.

Fear or disbelief are not the answers to appointment setting obstacles. This includes moments when it feels like you are only stuck looking at their shadow. There are ways to find their source! You will not get any accounting software appointments though if you just walk away instead of give chase.

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