Apple TV YouTube App Gets Updated With Better Features And New Look

    By Chris Atkins | Small Business

    YouTube’s app on Apple TV has been updated to provide an improved experience, bringing its entire video selection from its website to its software for Apple TV.

    Additionally the app now offers better recommendations for users who are signed with, a new look that makes it easier to navigate and discover, subscription capabilities for channels and a better search function with predictive results.

    The new and improved Apple TV YouTube app’s predictive search is one of the best features introduced especially if you were using a traditional infrared remote for input. Not having a catalog that is limited in content is also more useful for offering a better experience for content consumption which is what you are probably already used to on other platforms.

    How Apple handles third party software on the Apple TV means updates come in less frequently than they do in the App Store on iPad or iPhone, but recently the company has been upping the pace at which they add new content partners to their system.

    Significant changes to apps such as this one will help ensure that Apple TV stays fresh with new content, keeping it competitive with other tech giants out there, including Google itself.

    An update on the user side of things isn’t required to experience the newly updated Apple TV YouTube app, however there is something that’s not so great that comes with the change. Starting now, ads will appear on YouTube videos in Apple TV.

    Even though understandably disappointing, it’s actually one of the things that enables the viewing of the entire catalog, so it’s a necessary trade off.

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