Apple Pay’s Huge Success Get’s Response From Samsung

    By Anthony Jones | Small Business

    Apple Pays Huge Success Gets Response From Samsung image looppay4.jpg4Apple Pays Huge Success Gets Response From Samsung

    Apple Pay has had huge success since its launch in October, and already, Samsung is thinking about jumping on the wagon.

    According to Recode, the company is speaking to mobile payments startup, LoopPay, about building a mobile payment service that will compete with Apple Pay.

    The payment program will work on certain Samsung phones, and all the user has to do is wave their device at the register to purchase their product. It will be just like swiping a plastic card.

    Apple Pay’s huge success was noticeable just three weeks after its release. Whole Foods documented 150,000 iPhone transactions, and NFC payments doubled at Walgreens due to Pay. At McDonald’s, the payment option quickly grabbed 50 percent of the restaurant’s tap-to-pay total. And with the Apple Watch coming early next year, these numbers could rise.

    Apple Pays Huge Success Gets Response From Samsung image Apple Pay main13.png3Apple Pays Huge Success Gets Response From Samsung

    Samsung is one of Apple’s top competitors, so if the company wishes to stay in the game, especially after the huge disappointment in S5 sales, developing a program that will compete with Apple Pay may be crucial.

    The Verge reviewed LoopPay and found them to be complicated and cumbersome. But since then, the company has updated their software, which probably simplified their program.

    LoopPay’s technology wirelessly transmits the same information built in credit and debit cards to a retailer’s checkout equipment, so Samsung users would experience a much easier way to pay.

    If Samsung goes through with this idea, then they could easily out-perform Apple. LoopPay’s technology mimics a card swipe more than Pay, so Samsung’s service would work in “far more locations than Apple Pay or Google Wallet, which require a store to upgrade to equipment that includes near field communication.”

    LoopPay also hopes to use tokenization, a system that prevents merchants from ever receiving and storing payment information that happens when swiping a plastic card. Apple Pay uses tokenization, which may be one reason for their success. Tokenization makes NFC technology a lot safer when it comes to making transactions and protecting consumer identities. Because of the recent debit and credit card hacks at large retailers such as Target, more smartphone users could seek these mobile payment options.

    2015 may be the year when Apple and Samsung change how consumers pay.

    Will you quit swiping your card and switch to mobile?

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