Apple may Announce New iPhone on Sept. 10

    By Vignesh Subramanyan | Small Business

    Rumors surrounding the new iPhone have surfaced stating that Apple may release the next smartphone on September 10th. According to the tech blog AllThingsD, Apple may host a special event surrounding the release of their new phone next month.

    The new iPhone, likely to be called either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S, is set to offer the usual upgrades, but may include a lower-cost model as well. Apple followers and industry experts are now questioning if Apple may adopt this new tactic as an attempt to address the midrange smartphone market. Although Apple has previously targeted this market by offering older models for cheaper prices, the company may debut a lower-cost iPhone (iPhone 5C) that will reportedly cost $99.

    Speculation around the new iPhone also includes rumors about a possible fingerprint sensor. Although the rumors have yet to be confirmed, the new phone will definitely feature upgrades to the camera and processor. Apple has also stated that new phones will be running iOS 7, which will alter the look of the iPhone’s menus and icons. Other changes include updates to notifications, a longer battery life, and an improved camera.

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