Appeal To Your Prospects Emotions For Effective Appointment Setting

Appeal To Your Prospects Emotions For Effective Appointment Setting image Appeal To Your Prospects Emotions For Effective Appointment Setting4Appeal To Your Prospects Emotions For Effective Appointment SettingAs marketers, we tend to focus our efforts in promoting the best features of whatever product or service that we offer, including everything else that comes along in managing our business. From pricing to product claims to timetables, we all want to get results in our appointment setting campaigns. While these are very important, these are not the things that make you stand out. These will not set you apart from the competition. These are even less likely to get you the B2B leads that you are looking for. Rather, the answer is very simple, very basic – it is the emotions. For you to turn your audience into qualified sales leads, you need to first appeal to the emotional aspect of their life.

Having doubts? Think that businesses are rational and logical, and all you need to do is to advertise the bells and whistles of your offer? Think again. Let us try ourselves as an example first. As marketers, we know what we look for in a product or service being offered. Think carefully about how you choose. Certainly you choose a product because its features are what you need, but that is not the real reason, to tell you the truth. You would buy a certain product because you TRUST it, you know it, you have used it for years, you have grown attached to it (even establish an identity with it), or it was recommended by someone whom you trust. That is your emotions at work. And this is precisely what you should be aiming for in your lead generation campaigns.

That is the nice thing about emotions. You know that it is unpredictable, unreliable, and if you make a mistake in the process of tapping it, it will bite you back with a vengeance. Despite the risks, emotions are actually the strongest triggers in buying. Look at some of the biggest companies today, examine the way they market their products (think Johnson and Johnson, GE, Apple, Coke, even Levi’s) and you will see just how they played up on the emotional aspect of their customers, giving them a strong reason to buy or sign-up to their service. Tapping the emotions of your audience means tapping into their sense of identity, their sense of self, and how your product or service can reinforce that sense of self. Do that, and you will succeed in your marketing efforts.

Sure, this is something hard to apply in the field of telemarketing, but this is just one part of your overall marketing campaign. Try using it on your social media channels, email, print ads, television, even radio if your prospects could be found there as well. Use that, and you are putting your business in a better spot. You just need to give this a try. A person’s emotions can be a very strong motivator for them to take action. As long as you can gain traction on their emotions, then you will be making a profit in the end.

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