App turns airport waits into a mini holiday

    By Tom | Small Business


    No-one likes their travel plans to be delayed or stalled, but sometimes a layover is unavoidable, especially for lengthy trips. In the past, the Netherlands’ VertragingsApp has offered reading suggestions based on the length of travelers’ delays, and now Smart Layover wants to help those passengers with a few hours between flights to make more out of their wait by taking advantage of nearby attractions and facilities.

    Available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices, the app enables users to simply enter in the details of their layover – the airport, date and duration – and offers suggestions of things to do and see in the vicinity. The app’s database features up-to-date information about day-use hotels, nearby attractions and events, food and drink opportunities and even deals and discounts at those venues. Customers who know they’re going to have a layover can use the app to plan how to spend their time before they leave, while those experiencing delays can also get last minute recommendations. Users also get notifications when it’s time to return to the airport to ensure they don’t miss their flight. The video below offers more information about the app:

    Smart Layover offers information for travelers in over 140 different cities and is free to download. Are there other ways to connect waiting customers with fun activities to curb their boredom?


    Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise

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