App rewards users for going to the cinema, rather than staying in

    By Tom | Small Business


    Cinemas are facing tough competition from new companies such as Netflix and on-demand services, but they can still win film fans over with extra incentives that digital platforms can’t offer. The UK’s Cinime is doing just that, giving rewards to cinemagoers for interacting with content and competing in quizzes before and after movie showings.

    Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app can be used at hundreds of Odeon, Vue and Cineworld theaters across the UK. Visitors to those cinemas can look out for the Cinime logo on posters and on screen during the ads, acting as a prompt to get their smartphone out. The app can be used to scan posters to unlock extra content and vouchers for snacks and future tickets. Cinime also uses audio watermarking technology to listen for cues embedded in ads, instantly sending rewards to users’ smartphones, regardless if they’re connected to 3G or wifi. Film fans can also test their knowledge to win more prizes by playing quizzes before the movie. When the film is about to start, the app also encourages users to switch their phones to silent mode.

    Much like CineMode — which also rewards customers for keeping their phone on silent throughout screenings — Cinime engages film fans through their smartphones without disrupting the sanctity of the movie theater. How else can the experience of the cinema compete with digital alternatives?


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