App puts wedding photos in one place in real-time

We’ve already seen the Flock app provide one solution to creating a single photo album from multiple guests’ snaps after the fact. Now WedPics is a platform that shows a stream of wedding guests’ smartphone photos in real time and acts as a standalone social picture-sharing app for the event.

While many couples traditionally place disposable cameras on tables to encourage their guests to capture moments on the special day, the analog technology takes time and the photos may not look the best. With WedPics, brides and grooms simply get their guests to download the free app and enter a unique code that connects them to the private feed for the wedding. Couples can upload a cover photo and description of the wedding to the dashboard for a personal touch. Users can take photos and add filters through the app, as well as comment and like any of the pictures in the feed. They can also easily add other guests and those not present via Facebook or email. Each feed is available on mobile and web devices throughout the event and afterwards, with images saved as downloadable high-resolution files. Those with digital cameras can also add their snaps by uploading them later on. The video below shows the app in action:

WedPics brings interactivity and a social twist to the sharing of wedding photos, while also cutting down on the expense and delay involved with traditional alternatives. How else can events be brought into the 21st century?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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