App lets gift givers scan physical items and send them to friends elsewhere

Digital gift cards such as Vouchr have made the process of getting a last-minute present even easier. However, there are still some that may bemoan the lack of imagination involved in just giving money. Jifiti is a new app that lets users scan product barcodes and instantly send a voucher for those items to friends in other locations.

Shoppers at participating brick-and-mortar stores – currently including Barnes & Noble, Sears and The Body Shop – who see something they think a friend would like can use the app to scan its barcode. They then choose the friend they want to send it to from their contacts and a voucher is created and delivered to them. Once the recipient has downloaded the Jifiti app, they can arrive in their local branch and pick up the item for free. Otherwise – if the option is available – they can view the gift on the stores website and get it delivered. The platform also allows groups of friends to create a joint Jifiti gift and users can set up a wish list for others to see. The app is available for free on both the App Store and Google Play.

Jifiti combines the convenience of giving a digital gift card with the thoughtfulness of personally selecting an item to give, even when deadlines are tight or recipients live on the other side of the country. Are there other ways retailers can connect their online and offline offerings?


Spotted by: Murtaza Patel

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