App blocks social media trolls


Reports of abuse being meted out on social networks, especially to people in the public eye, is becoming a sticking point for companies such as Facebook and Twitter, and has even led to a number of arrests in the UK. A new platform called SMC4 aims to stop hurtful or brand-damaging messages being delivered to its recipients using smart algorithms.

After connecting any social media accounts they have, users can manage all of their inbound messages and posts in one place. Each message is put through a filter, which checks it for words that indicate abuse, cursing, racism or sexism, and even complaints. Different types of messages can be given separate actions — for example, any posts containing swear words can be immediately trashed, or those deemed to be complaints by the system can be sorted into their own queue to be dealt with appropriately. SMC4 also controls outgoing posts to ensure employees or public figures don’t accidentally tweet something personal or risky by mistake, or to have them checked by a supervisor first. The app is available for Android users on Google Play.

SMC4 gives users of social media a more manageable work flow by automatically analyzing the messages they receive, while also protecting them from trolling. Are there other ways of curbing abuse on social networks without infringing on users’ free speech?


Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise

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