App aims to boost staff engagement through one-on-one coffee chats

Employees of large companies are all ideally working towards the same end, but sometimes a lack of face-to-face communication can result in crossed wires. Coffee Who is an app that uses smart algorithms to pair up workers for one-on-one coffee dates, with the aim of fostering collaboration and boosting morale.

Businesses using Coffee Who first get their employees to create their own profiles on a micro social network. According to reports, the platform then matches staff members using their uploaded information – with the aim of linking those who could work together or benefit from learning about the other person’s role in the company. Alternatively, management can manually select two employees to meet up. A theme is assigned to each meeting to help guide discussion, and when it’s over the participants fill out a feedback form that helps Coffee Who determine future matches.

Much like 15Five – the platform for helping management keep in touch with staff members individually – Coffee Who aims to ensure greater cohesion between different departments and hierarchies of bigger firms. Are there other ways to ensure employees feel more involved in their company?


Spotted by: Katharina Kieck

Photo: Shutterstock

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