• Can I sell Rosetta Stone on eBay or Craigslist?

    Hello all,
    So I have a Genuine Rosetta Stone that has almost 25+ languages all level 1-2 . So my question is can I make copies and sell on eBay or Craigslist? please tell me before I do it, and if it is illegal I WILL NOT do it!
    the reason I am asking is because Rosetta Stone is really expensive and I do want to make money but if it is illegal or if it gets me in trouble then again I WILL NOT do it.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Please be professional and nice on answering since life is really short!!
    Take Care All!!
    Thank you!

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    Best Answer: Sheck copyright
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  • Would you pay for this?

    I had recently went to a new barber salon. When I got to their address it was a vacant building so I had to call them and they told me the new address. Finally got to the new place, she refused to do the hairstyle that I wanted and gave me a neck trim. Then charged me $10 for it. When I tried to give them my card they said they don't accept credit cards and I only had seven dollars in cash. I gave them that and they said to come back with the payment tomorrow and they were closing today. I feel as though I've been ripped off, would you go back and pay??

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    Best Answer: Only pay it if you're planning to get your hair cut there again in the future. I wouldn't do it. If you're not satisfied with your haircut, you shouldn't have paid as much as you did. I would have bargained and paid 5 and left it at that.
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  • How to fund my business?

    I have began to create a clothing line in my town. i had t-shirts printed and began to sell them. I also have given about numerous shirts for promotions. I feel that i have began to make a good move and people are seeing it more every day. But now i need to find a away to make more money to progress the business on the next level and widen my inventory. i am just asking if there is anyone with experience that can help. maybe even be more informative through e-mail. people are beginning to believe in me so i am taking this in full effect. here is my website if you are interested: www.kingrealmclothing.com

    please point me in any direction that can help. i have only began selling shirts for a month. as it goes with promotions and sells, i am breaking even. by the way i also have the trademark in the last phase. so i do own the rights of King Realm after the last phase is complete.

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    Best Answer: Not clear why you believe you don't already own the trademark; you owned it from the moment you used it on your goods in commerce, at least under... Read More »

  • Unsecured Business Loans?

    I'm almost at the point where I want to be with my new small business but I need some money to finish up. I am in the process of getting a mold quoted for production and then I want to order some inventory to sell.

    I was wondering what some of my loan options are without collateral or sales...? I know it would be very difficult but I am looking for a loan program which gives me at least 3-5 years to pay back and if they hold off on starting payments for 6-8 months that would help as well. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks...
    I do have a business plan to show.

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    Best Answer: Before you can even begin thinking about a business loan, you need a business plan. Expect to spend the next 3 to 6 months writing it. Once you... Read More »

  • Are you still in progress in your professional life?

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    Best Answer: I hope that lol... Read More »

  • will you spend your honeymoon in your office?

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    Best Answer: No, a single room... Read More »

  • How does running a franchise work?

    I have read that each franchise works differently, but are there some things that happen with all franchises? How does a franchise work? Do I have to keep paying the franchise company out of my own pocket, not the profit of my business like my mom told me I would have to do?

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    Best Answer: A franchise is a business that you "rent" from the franchisor, by that I mean you can continue to operate it as long as you are paying ... Read More »

  • Buying a business?

    I am looking into purchasing a franchise and I have the slightest idea on where to begin. Do I need to hire a CPA and an attorney to help in finalizing my executive decision? I was told to also consider in speaking to a Business broker. I am currently reading books on how to buy/sell a business and some extra information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Best Answer: don't waste your money until u do lots more reading.

    ask your self why u buying a franchise.

    want to be self employed?<... Read More »

  • A paving company did horrible work at our home. What are our options?

    We filed with the BBB and will file with Consumer affairs. The owner of the company said if we sue he will pay us $1.00 a month. We have a letter from another company detailing the poor job. We were bullied into paying, It was a VERY uncomfortable situation.

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    Best Answer: Take him to small claims court. It will cost you maybe $50 or so, no lawyer needed. Hopefully you will get a judgement against him and it will sc... Read More »

  • Which business should I start?

    I want to do a home based business because I cannot drive and have to rely on public transportation. I keep reading about event planning and catering and they both sound fun, but I am worried about travel.

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    Best Answer: You cannot do catering if you don't drive.
    Same with event planning, you have to go to places and inspect, be there, shop, etc.
    Never... Read More »

  • Which way do you think is better to make some extra money?

    Lately I've been needing some extra money for school & stuff so I thought of 2 ways to make some extra cash which are selling handcrafted duct tape wallets or Anime merchandise. Which one do you think I should choose?

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    Best Answer: You are joking right?... Read More »

  • how much would i have to pay walt disney to use their products?

    How much would i have to pay walt disney to use their products in a restaurant? I want to do like a spongebob restaurant for kids lol

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    Best Answer: You need to contact the Disney Consumer Products division. The license fees will vary by type of product and characters. They will want a good pe... Read More »

  • Are flea market sellers suppose to bring everything they are selling home after work everyday?

    I'm talking about the flea market sellers who sell goods outdoors.

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    Best Answer: that's up to the mgr of the market place. who ever rents out the booth spaces... Read More »

  • Simple and cheap host/sitebuilder for small business webpage?

    I am looking to open a website for my "small business" - which offers a specific service and has a single paypal payment button. It will be as simple as possible, 3 or 4 pages at the most, and with low bandwidth/disc space requirements.

    It was suggested that I use Wordpress, but looking at the price, it looks like the premium option (because I don't want advertising will cost) $10 a month, plus I have to get a wordpress hoster (such as bluehost) for another $4 a month? I'm a little confused.

    I need the simplest, cheapest host with a page builder so that I don't have to do everything from scratch.

    Please let me know if any additional details would be helpful.
    For example, I could use Godaddy as a host and pay $1/month, but they don't offer a page builder, do they? So my next options are at $3.95/month, it seems, but I'm still very unsure of what I should do.

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    Best Answer: I use accuwebhosting when i first started 4 years ago and now with 20+ employees and the phones an internet are booming. If this is for your busi... Read More »

  • Can a small business hire a certain quota, for example, 50% have disabilities and 50% don`t? If not, how can I help people with severe?


    I want to help people with disabilities especially the severe ones because I have schizophrenia. I have enough money to make a small business.

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    Best Answer: You might be able to get goverment grant to help you hire disabled... Read More »

  • Any fun thugs to do while babysitting? :)?

    Babysitting a 6 and 10 year old for the first time, any tips too would be nice :)

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    Best Answer: You got lucky, six and ten year olds are fun :) they&#x27;re handfuls though so just keep the entertained, if they have toys then play with t... Read More »

  • What am I supposed to do?

    I need money, right, but I have social anxiety disorder that prevents me from being able to be around people. So a standard job is not an option. No medication has ever helped and I recently got on meds again, new more-modern meds this time, but they didn't do anything for me either. Even the prescription sleeping pills failed to work on me! I ended up taking 6 instead of the 1 they told me to take and I was up all dam night as usual. Since I cannot work I tried online jobs many months ago and I ended up putting up resumes at many free sites but I was never contacted by anyone for any type of job. Now I'm thinking "Well, start a business." But I don't have any money because I cannot work and I only have one pitiful teeny tiny income that I get for being so crippled. So I looked up grants at sba.gov and apparently there ARE no grants to start or expand a business. They only offer loans. But I don't QUALIFY for any loans because I don't have enough money. So what the heck am I supposed to do? I want to support myself financially and live a normal, comfortable life where I can do what I want to do. But I can't think of anything else to try. Regular job, online job, starting own business- nothing is an option for me. So what the heck ELSE can I try?

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    Best Answer: tell me a bit about your disorder. I bet I can show you how to
    become either employed or self-employed.

    I have several handica... Read More »

  • 24 Years old with my own company. Advice?

    So i don't have any friends that would understand how i feel. I just turned 24 and i own a debt collection agency, technically i am a "debt buyer". An example would be i but 500k worth of debt at .01 so 1 basis point meaning i pay $5,000 for about 1000 different loans and people and i turn around place it on my floors. Run a fast dialer and stay on too of my collectors to push and push because in this industry if you don't have the drive then it's not for you. At 18 years old i was a very crazy kid and made a lot of bad decisions but without studying i always got straight As in school and they gave me a free ride to college so i took it. One night a mutual friend came to my house to get something, he was very well dressed and i was impressed so asked him what he does and he got me an interview with an agency. In 3 months i was the top producer in the office collecting $15,000 that month. (This was my first job). So the owner there was sent down from buffalo to open this shop and we became good friends and i made him a ton of money. I explained to my father what i was doing and he invested money to stater up the co. In 2011. I left the first job to go off and start my own agency with two other guys who i compensated very well. My first boss said if i leave his office he would not re hire me once i failed. Anyways, we finished our first year and made a decent amount of money the two collectors i had made about 50k at 19-20 years old with no degree. I made about 60+ distribution

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    Best Answer: I don't see your question.

    by the way, you are doing things the dinosaur way.


    I could increase yo... Read More »

  • Abu

    I want to start Business?

    So My Father Has 2 factorys he doesnt really use them he bought them 12 years ago and he has 2 stores right now its working plus he has cars and houses i want t open my own bussines like what should i start with I need some Ideas maybe buy something for cheap and sell it expensive

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    Best Answer: Ask your father for advise. He is successful.... Read More »

  • Should I start a business?

    I'm pretty much losing my mind- I'm so bored! I'm still in high school and I want to start a marketing business online. I've researched starting one a lot... Basically to the point where I'm actually giving business owners advice on marketing, social media, and web design and hosting... And I've never done any of this myself and I don't have any type of marketing background. So should I start a marketing firm? By the way, I do have a job and I don't want to work for an employer once I'm done with my current job.

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    Best Answer: Hello Ted. I do commend you for the motivation and ability to give marketing advice at such a young age. If it's working for you, I'd keep at i... Read More »

  • Short interview for a small retail business owner or manager? (Easy 10 points)?

    I need to interview a small retail business owner or manager for my retail class.
    If any retail business owners/managers could answer these few questions for me I'd be really grateful, thank you!
    (If there's anything you don't want to answer publicly I'd be okay with just emailing you instead)

    Business Name:
    Person interviewed:
    Phone number:
    Type of business:

    1.) Who are your primary competitors?

    2.) What are the greatest challenges your business faces in the current economy?

    3.) How do you choose what products to offer and what price to charge?

    4.) What plans do you have in place to retain existing customers and attract new customers?

    5.) What is the best part of working in retail?

    6.) What advice do you give students interested in becoming a retail business owner?

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    Best Answer: I am a retired store owner. Go out and actually interview a store owner person to person. Most likely they will be willing to give you 15 minut... Read More »

  • Why do Staffing Agencies not give detail?

    Im looking for a job and some agencies don't put the job location and hours. Its a waste of our time when we have to go in and walk out with nothing. They even waste time going through the whole process just to tell you they longer have the shift or job available. Can someone please tell me why they do that?

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    Best Answer: Companies only go to an agency when they don't want to deal with job applicants, walk-ins, hiring paperwork, etc, or only need someone short-term... Read More »

  • do i need a permit for this??

    my daughters who are 10 & 12 want to sell food during the summer. they want to sell chips and nachos and snacks like that. they would be selling them outside our house to our neighbors. of course i will be helping them. but do we need a food permit?? we live in Alabama in the city pelham. and i have been searching around the web and it all just seems to be for restaurants and stuff. we just want to do it for the two months of summer.

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    Best Answer: I doubt it, but just to be safe, there's probably a number you can call regarding city ordinances... try 411 for information, or your city counci... Read More »

  • Should i go back to school or should i try luck in life? I have only one chance.?

    I Left school cus me and my fam left the country and went to live in Germany. Because the situation in Italy was terrible we had no money and i was studying stuff that i hated. As we came in germany i had to go to the language school to learn to speak german. After the language school i stoped going to school i literally went around the city to make new friends cus i had none. Slowly i started to hate school and the same time i saw the potential of a good job after school. But at the same time i informed my self about the life of people who became rich. I came out with this question.
    Shoul i really sell my life literally work from 9 to 5 a job that i will most likely hate just for money?
    Then i realized angain that i had to go to school in orther to get a good job.
    Then i thought again, If i have only one chance or better said YOLO should i try to have money without sworking from 9 to 5?

    I mean, I hate school and i hate even more going to work where everybody gives me stuff to do and command on me. DO you think is stupid if i burn everything, i literally burn the boats and try to make money in a way that i prefer with free time and joy or i should just follow the path that everyone follow and realize that i am not special and if everyone work from 9 to 5 i have to do it to and stop thinking that i can make what other could not make?

    I'm seriously sad about life is soo sad sometimes.

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    Best Answer: First of all, going to school will prepare you for the real world. But if you choose not to go, find out what really interests you and find a jo... Read More »

  • Sup

    I cant pay for the item I won on Ebay because I changed my mind on the item what do i do?

    Its shoes worth just 30 dollars. if i dont pay it what will happen? Will there be any legal trouble?
    Since I have been on EBAY for like 5 years and I have 50 ratings and currently 100% positive, will that make a difference
    I wasn't going to go deeper in my personal life but some of you guys judge too quickly after just reading a couple of sentences. I couldn't buy it because I lost my job and would need everything in my pocket to be able to pay next months rent. Me losing my job was a surprise to me to say the least. I will end it there. My only question was if there was a legal trouble and i see that i am just going to get a bad rating.

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    Best Answer: write the person who is selling it and tell them they will understand... Read More »

  • How much does ebay take off when you sell something?

    And how much do you get to keep?

    • 6 days ago -
    • 3 answers

    Best Answer: Check your ebay site.
    There are a lot of rules for new and old sellers.
    Listing an item could be free, depending on the starting pric... Read More »

  • Name for a restaurant?

    So my family bought a restaurant, and my dad want's to name it to what ever will bring the most customers. The restaurant will mostly make rice, beans, stew meat, french fires, chicken, beef, etc. The available names are :
    Lake Lindo Kebab
    Lake Lindo Grill
    Lake Lindo Barbecue.

    Please be honest and write whichever Restaurant YOU will go to.
    Also, Lake Lindo is the town will the restaurant is.
    Take out the LAKE LINDO and switch the order. Misspelled the name.

    • 6 days ago -
    • 5 answers

    Best Answer: The shortest name is what sticks best. Lake Lindo Grill.... Read More »

  • how do i apply at tropical sno?

    I'm trying to get a job at Tropical Sno and i have no idea how to apply. please help!

    • 6 days ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: Call them up at the telephone number listed on their website and let them know you are a fan and would love to work for them­čöć... Read More »

  • Ben

    How do you talk a coffee shop owner in setting up online...?

    .....wifi when she doesn't want to?

    • 6 days ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: Tell her that it will attract more customers. People these days all want wifi for their smartphones, notebooks and laptops wherever they go. I kn... Read More »

  • Amazon order...?

    I want to order something online, but I don't have a credit/debit card. I only have a gift card that has $50.00. Will amazon still let me order if I enter the gift code, or does it still require a credit/debit card.

    • 6 days ago -
    • 1 answer

    Best Answer: You can still use your amazon gift card to purchase stuff, it works just like a credit/debit card but 50$ balance.... Read More »

  • How to start a resell purse business?

    I am want to start my own handbag business and I want to purchase bags from online. Help! Thanks in advance!!

    • 6 days ago -
    • 3 answers

    Best Answer: Contact the various handbag manufacturers directly and ask for a list of their authorized distributors/wholesalers.... Read More »

  • is USPS having trouble or what?

    all of the packages I sent out are all stuck on Electronic Shipping Info Received
    and the package I am getting is still stuck on Electronic Shipping Info Received
    are they having trouble with their tracking system ?

    • 6 days ago -
    • 1 answer

    Best Answer: If you're clicking on the tracking numbers on your eBay page --- try USPS Track & Confirm for comparison.

    Read More »

  • Costs of opening up a fast food restaurant? (UK)?

    Hi. I need help with some homework about the cost of opening up a burger/fast-food restaurant and I'm finding it really hard. In my opinion I think this is quite a challenging piece of homework. Oh, and BTW it's for a subject called Hospitality - which is all to do with the hospitality and catering industry. The only information the sheet provides is:

    Material Costs ( E.g Meat and poultry costs)

    Labour Costs(E.g Chefs' Wages)

    Overhead Costs(E.g Cost of heating a restaurant)

    If anyone can help me with this it would much appreciated. Thanks in advance :))

    • 6 days ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: Read More »

  • I want to create my online shop?

    I have no programming skills and not enough funds to hire a decent programmer. I need to set up an ecommerce site in a few days.

    • 6 days ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: It's not easy to give an answer. When I opened my first ecommerce store I had to deal with the storefront layout, first level hosting and bandwid... Read More »

  • TOM

    How do I link old item receipts and old bills in Quickbooks?

    This is what I am running in to. The company that I work for is 8 years old and none of the item receipts were linked to bills since the company began operations. My AP balance is severely off.

    I have tried adjusting the vendor balances in the AP journal but then it gives me a credit within each vendor's file.

    Also we deal with a lot of partial item receipts with a bill for all items at once coming in either before or after the item receipt.
    To prevent, the same thing from happening again, do I need to wait until all items on a PO have been received before entering the bill?

    My main concern at this point is correcting the AP balance.


    • 7 days ago -
    • 3 answers

    Best Answer: Oh my! If misery likes company, we should hang out together. QB inventory-related issues have been a nightmare of mine for years too!
    Read More »

  • s.

    What does one need in order to start a residential pressure wahing service?

    I know you need a business license,pressure washer with a long hose and wand,and a vehicle to transport the equipment to job sites. But are there any special permits required? Should you have liability insurance and how muc does it cost? And lastly should you bring your own water source such as a 500 gal water tank or use the customers water supply,what do most companies do?

    • 7 days ago -
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    Best Answer: depends entirely where ever u live.

    here , u do Not need a 'business license".
    u need business cards a smile and willingn... Read More »

  • Agent Fee? Modeling?

    I've been doing some modeling locally for this lady with an agency she started herself (which she doesn't have a license for BTW) and she all of a sudden she comes out of nowhere with contracts and saying we have to pay a yearly non refundable agent fee of $100. Ive done 2 shows and a photoshoot with this woman and she never asked for a dime until now. I've seen posts where if whoever your with starts to charge for your services then you shouldn't do it anymore. What should I do?

    • 7 days ago -
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    Best Answer: Not model... Read More »

  • How Do I Make a Balloon Stuffing Machine?

    I watched some YouTube vids but they don't explain how to make one in English if you please help thanks

    • 7 days ago -
    • 1 answer

    Best Answer: I found this link on Youtube: Read More »

  • If I work as a temp at a company for a long time, will they consider hiring me?

    I currently work as a temp for a startup company. I like the company, but I don't know if I will be around for awhile because they hired me to do temp work. The work is really easy. I'm confused because I don't know if I should try to work my way into the company to make it into a full-time position, or if I should look elsewhere for a full-time job.

    What do you think I should do? What are some strategies to go from temp to full-time?

    • 1 week ago -
    • 3 answers

    Best Answer: It depends on a few things. One, if you truly like your job at this company, and show dedication and passion, I would talk with the owner/manager... Read More »

  • Can you sell a good product online without having to pack and ship parcels?

    I want to sell a good product (don't know yet which one) online but I don't have the opportunity to pack parcels and mail them with the USPS.

    What could I sell or with who could I work?

    • 1 week ago -
    • 1 answer

    Best Answer: If you are a reseller for software, generally speaking, there is no physical fulfillment of a product needed. I own a technology/telecommunicatio... Read More »

  • How to tell if I need it. or want it?

    When i do electronics projects and go to sparkfun.com to buy I always find stuff I think I need and add it to my cart. For example I have 2 LCD,s. one is a serial LCD and the other is a regular lcd. For some reason my other LCD regular one only displays text on half the screen (might have messed up one of the controllers when i was trying to figure it out) so I added two spark fun LCD's. I told myself. "I need
    another one because I want two incase I am using the serlcd in a project and I want another LCD to use, and the other backup one (the second lcd I was gonna buy, same model.) was in case something broke? And I see standoffs, I am like I need those to hold my projects so my boards aren't all over my desk and my boards don't short out because of touching something metal or something. Another example is a giant breadboard (it is like the size of five breadboards). I need a lot of space when I work because I use a lot of components. Like ill have a kick back diode, a relay, a non transistor, and a lot of wire on my regular breadboard it it won't all fit. I feel like the breadboard is for small projects. Like splitting a big project into a few parts and making all the parts of the project work then integrating them together on a massive breadboard. My last example is I want to buy a MPU. the beaglebone black rev c (instead of PI). I already have 2 red boards (arduino equivalent) 2 arduino uno r3's, 4 pro minis. Any advice on how to tell what I need. not what I want?

    • 1 week ago -
    • 1 answer

    Best Answer: It depends on what kind of project you are involved with and on your budget. If you have the budget, then you should purchase spare supplies, how... Read More »

  • What should I name my etsy shop?

    My shop has a bunch of different things in it. Most is handmade and upcycled clothing. I'm going to be selling some jewelry. Some things are really girly, like almost tumblr girl kind of girly, but on the other hand, I'll be selling like alternative band merch and some like "hardcore" stuff. I guess it's a really split personality kind of shop. My name is Martha if that helps anything. I want a good shop name but I can't come up with anything. Help?

    • 1 week ago -
    • 1 answer

    Best Answer: you will have your answer AFTER you do market
    remember, only 1 in 1,000 Etsy shops makes the
    shop owner a profit... Read More »

  • How to get short term business loans in Australia?

    My friend peter and me are planning to start a business in Australia but we don't have enough money to start it. So what would we do if you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know.

    • 1 week ago -
    • 3 answers

    Best Answer: I would like to suggest you Singh Finance. Visit this link Read More »

  • No.

    How to ship body jewelry in the mail?

    I'm sending a friend some belly rings and such for her birthday - but how can I ship her these items? What packaging do I need? Can I use an envelop or...?

    • 1 week ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: The following information relates to using the services provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS). While the flat rate pricing is firm,... Read More »

  • What is needed to start a business in Dallas,TX?

    I need information on what is needed to open a business in Dallas,TX.Papers,licenses,workers,etc.

    The business is a hair salon.Will be purchasing a building not building it myself.

    • 1 week ago -
    • 1 answer

    Best Answer: Go to score.org and find your local SCORE chapter. Call them and arrange for a free meeting with a volunteer SCORE mentor. They will guide you ... Read More »

  • Finding a job in an upstart business?

    Does anybody have advice on this? I have a high school diploma with a strong GPA and ACT and am a motivated person who is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed (of course, to the limit of my own morals!) Also, I have a bunch of silly honors from my teenage years that really only matter to the extent that they matter to people (eagle scout, mensa admittance, community honor, etc.)

    I went to university for a semester, and although I did fairly well in my classes I had an awful time, so definitely will not be returning.

    I would love to join a company early and see it grow. I reckon that if I join an upstart company at very low level, I will be able to eventually prove my worth and rise up, or alternately gain connections beneficial to me starting a project of my own.

    If so, what can I do to work towards that goal? Where should I look? I'm willing and ready to move to any US state or English speaking country. (I'm also willing to spend years looking for this while working other jobs, if that's what it takes.)

    Any advice is welcome and appreciated!

    • 1 week ago -
    • 1 answer

    Best Answer: get any fast food job u can get while
    using a library as u got much to learn.

    getting work at 'start ups' means u have
    ... Read More »

  • make money online ? how to make money online ? ways to make money online ?

    I want to make some cash online, but I don't want to get scammed, can anyone suggest some websites that I can go to?

    • 1 week ago -
    • 3 answers

    Best Answer: I actually made a blog about this question. Here is the link in case you are interested: Read More »

  • What would you do in this type of situation?

    I specialize in this thing and I worked at a company before that needed someone who had my skills.

    I then had to resign for personal reasons after 5 years of working for them, but I became independent and my supervisor at the company asked if they could still continue doing business with me so I said ok to that, of course.

    I have a Facebook page and I do post my stuff on there so people do see what I do. One guy who I've known for the past 16 years and knows a lot about me and what I do asked me if I could do this thing. So I texted him back saying that I'm willing to help anytime. Since then, he's asked me 3-4 times if I could really do what he wants me to do. He was very persistent and he asked how good my skills were and etc.

    I'm not sure whether I'm taking this too personally but I was pretty hurt. It sounded like he was actually doubting my skills and hesitant about asking me to do what he wants so I replied back to him with a one-liner saying that he should just consider asking some other professional (he does have someone else helping him from time to time).

    There are clients who trust me and I do the work for them and they are pleased with it. I'm not sure I feel good about doing work for someone that just is hesitant about asking me and doubts my skills. How would you take it?

    • 1 week ago -
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    Best Answer: he has a perfect reason to be skeptical.

    Why did you not volunteer what your company does?
    and how you determined what amount ... Read More »

  • Getting a product created (manufacturing)?

    I want to get this product started and I want a few samples from the manufacturer before they make a whole ton and have it end up wrong. I'm still in the thought process and want to make sure I can go through with this, and I'm wondering if any manufacturers or if most of them already send you a couple to make sure, or if they will produce in small numbers if I don't want a lot of them. I would prefer a manufacturer over hand made given the more professional look that can't be provided by my two hands. Thanks!

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    Best Answer: custom made is better than mass produced.
    --if you have time enough, you will find a manu
    who will make a few on spec.....charging y... Read More »

  • Can Adding a new Ingredient to a Candy Be Patented?


    I have an idea for making candy's have a special taste. The candy will actually be dipped in this Ingredient before being packaged; so it will basically for a very thin layer over the candy and this will give it a special taste.

    Now, my question is can this be patented? I appreciate any feedback,


    • 1 week ago -
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    Best Answer: A new and non-obvious improvement to the art of candy making could be a patentable invention. 35 USC ┬ž┬ž 101, 102, 103.

    Whether i... Read More »