• How can I increase bidder confidence?

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    Best Answer: ANS All of these
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  • Is Purity Products a reputable company?

    I recently called them for what was advertised on an AM radio station as a free bottle of CoQ10 with Resveratrol. When I called the number for my 'free' bottle, they of course

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    Best Answer: Many companies will ask for your credit card number to pay for shipping charges of a "free" sample. The 15 day period is too short of a time span for you to see any results with this product and decide if you want to cancel.
    Most companies using this kind of scheme expect you to forget to call to cancel so they continue billing your card, or just make it very difficult for you to cancel the service.
    There are many other providers of this product that offer a 30 day guarantee and no scams..***:D
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  • Need a good name for my product?

    My product is a external storage device for the iPhone

    It eliminates the use for a computer, so you can just transfer photos straight from your iPhone to a hard drive.

    Any good names? I can't think of anything not taken

    • 3 days ago -
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    Best Answer: MyIDrive


    MyIStuff... Read More »

  • What are some of the processes that allow a river to change from a young river to a mature river?

    Any one here knowing about this company ? www.eden-river.eu
    Huh! And your loving +!

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    Best Answer: Huh? Your title and question are different. What's the question?... Read More »

  • do you know anything about providence catalog service?

    address is po box 6487
    providence, RI. 02940
    any scams or bad reports on this company?
    thank you.

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    Best Answer: No one knows anything about them. I went thru 2 different search engines without finding one mention of the company or their service. There is a... Read More »

  • What would be a good name for an electronic cookbook? New product development paper?

    I need a name for a product that I am "making up" for a product and brand marketing paper. What would be a catchy name?

    Are there any features you would love an electronic cookbook to have??

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    Best Answer: e-at

    made out of chocolate :-)... Read More »

  • Is NFL Redzone a product or service?

    So im doing a marketing term project and my "product" is something similar to NFL redzone. in fact, nfl redzone gave me the idea to create what i am doing. anyway, is it considered a product or a service?technically you could classify it into either category, but im trying to ease my paranoia as i write my marketing plan. as of right now i am calling it a service because the website constantly refers to it as a "subscription service" but they do drop the phrase "this product" every once in a while. also, it has me thinking it should be considered a product since in the NFL's disclaimer they refer to the game of football to be a "product of the brand NFL"

    any help would be great. sorry for the choppy unedited post, im heavily caffeinated at the moment.

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    Best Answer: The example is a clever way to show how marketing has changed. In the old days, the product was a bar of soap. The service was someone coming to ... Read More »

  • Is AVOBUY real OR LEGIT?

    So i see this website and they are selling PS4 for 180$ and iphone 5s unlocked for 380. I REALLY WANT TO BUY IT. but shipping long so i can see y its cheap. BUT IS IT REAL HAS ANYONE RECIEVED THERE ORDERS IN 30 DAYS????????????????????

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    Best Answer: It doesn't look good. Read the 21 complaints on scambook. com (free to visit) and the 1 complaint on trustpilot. com (free to visit). Many peopl... Read More »

  • How to get more views on my ebay ads?

    So I have sold some items on eBay like my old psp games and an e book copy from this account ( this is actually my mom's but I cant have a visa yet as I'm only 16) anyway, now I've been recently listing products from a specific Supplier for drop ship. So far I have 2 listings. However only have 65 views each and
    Have been running for about a week and are only ranking in the bottom of the 1st page for some keywords. I also have made only 1 sale



    Could you please give me feedback on them about:

    Titles : what titles would be better ?

    Price,product : are they over priced or not good enough ?

    Content : what could I add to them

    And how to promote them. I've already tried back-links, google + and blogs but still nothing 's happening

    Thank you.
    1. I do have my mom's permission for using the ebay account.

    2. I know that that it was wrong to sell the ebook because
    It's against eBay rules but I only made 9$ from it and ebay still took commission so its really not that big of a deal.

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    Best Answer: I checked out your listings and there are some problems. However, you will not find the help you need here.

    Log onto your Ebay an... Read More »

  • Do not call list inquiry?

    I'm in sales and want to avoid calling people that have registered on the do not call registry. Is there a website that shows which phone numbers I should not call and should avoid? How does a person find that list? Thx

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    Best Answer: You go to telemarketing.donotcall.gov and register. They give you only the list of phone numbers.... no personal information. They have the right... Read More »

  • Do you know any music promotion sites or chances whick work and for free?

    • 1 week ago -
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    Best Answer: Gotta hustle your music. There's pretty much no such thing as free promotion, especially with music. Just use social media to your best ability. ... Read More »

  • Can anyone post any crap on social media & get away ?

    There are too many messages on different social media trying to malign character of a person or group. Is there a need to put to book those people who spread false propaganda ?

    • 1 week ago -
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    Best Answer: Learn to Ignore it & not take it Personally. After-all; it's all "about" Stupidity. -NOT the intended Victims... Read More »

  • Where can i sell my prada purse?? HELP?

    I'm really trying to sell it

    • 1 week ago -
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    Best Answer: I too would suggest EBay but make sure that you are selling the genuine article not a copy.... Read More »

  • What's the name of this marketing ploy?

    A contractor came by the other day to give a quote to my landlord (I rent a room out of a house) on a central air conditioning unit, and was quoted $11,000 if the contract was signed that day because of the "special programs" in place, but it would be $19,000 if my landlord waited a couple days.

    I naturally advised not to sign the contract, which he didn't anyway because he wanted to wait on a quote from Costco.

    Now, I know car-dealers love to use this strategy, but what's it called? And would you do business with a company that employs such a strategy?

    • 1 week ago -
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    Best Answer: He is creating a sense of urgency. If the homeowner truly could save $8,000 by making a quick decision, that would be great. But a skeptical pe... Read More »

  • what is the tagline of samsung galaxy s4?

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    Best Answer: life companion... Read More »

  • what is the tagline of samsung galaxy s3?

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    Best Answer: inspired by nature. designed for humans.... Read More »

  • Is Short Sale Automator any good?

    Hey friends,

    I need some help... maybe one of you heard about the Short Sale Automator by Cory Boatright? Unfortunately the reviews about this product seem to be useless and I need some feedback from people who really tried this acid alkaline diet and can tell me how they feel about it.
    If you are one of these people please share your own experience with Cory Boatright's Short Sale Automator.

    Thanks a lot
    linda lawrey

    • 1 week ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: Home Short Sale Automator is fantastic way to hit the ground running and get your real estate investing business up and profiting quickly. Backed... Read More »

  • How would you relate the GEICO Cavemen campaign to targeted marketing?

    What do you think was their strategy behind using the Cavemen for the campaign?

    • 1 week ago -
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    Best Answer: That's just one of a stable of "mascots" used by Geico primarily to help make the name more memorable, these are really Branding campai... Read More »

  • 2. What these pictures mean to you?

    • 2 weeks ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: the top two are gear shift thingy mabobbies...?
    the bottom two are play station and xbox :)... Read More »

  • What these pictures mean to you?

    What these pictures mean to you? some are logos - can you name these brands?

    • 2 weeks ago -
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    Best Answer: Marvel is a comic (books and movies) company, Google Inc. is a search engine and has a lot of brands like Android and YouTube, and uTorrent is a ... Read More »

  • I want to make a Tech reviewer of Mobile ,what should i do?

    I know all about userinterface, custom rom, rooting,secret codes, tip and tricks,etc.
    so, how do i start my reviews? And do i will get money for them?

    • 2 weeks ago -
    • 4 answers

    Best Answer: Just review the countless tech review sites already in existence for 'inspiration' having your own blog platform based site where you add article... Read More »

  • eBay buyers not paying?

    Twice i have sold the same item and both times the person who bought it has not paid. This is really frustrating because i need to get it off of my hands. The second buyers reviews all say he pays fast but i have gotten nothing. Not even an email from any of them. Any tips for this? Because when i put this back up i dont want a 3rd buyer not paying. I dont think there is anything wrong with my PayPal. I have the right email for them to pay. Can anyone help? Any tips? Because this is the first item i have ever sold on ebay and no payment both times.

    • 2 weeks ago -
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    Best Answer: Call and verify with Paypal to make sure your account is OK, since buyer says they paid. Usually buyers are the ones emailing me to ship the ite... Read More »

  • someone on craigslist is selling a $400.00 swimming pool for $40.00, is it legit?

    He said its low cost because the liner is patched up but when I asked for a picture he said he doesn't have one, just an ad picture. Is it legit because I don't usually go on craigslist to shop. Serious answers please.

    • 2 weeks ago -
    • 6 answers

    Best Answer: Unless you can go in person to inspect it before buying it, it's not going to be legit. If they want you to send money, then it's a scam
    An... Read More »

  • Inventors, have you used an invention company?

    If you have used any of these companies, were you happy with their help? Did they help you? Was what they said they would do to help vs what they did to help you accurate? If you used one of these companies, would you again or what alternative would you use instead?

    • 2 weeks ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: Here's some invention info, including some complaints about one assistance service:

    Comprehensive article on Invention services by P... Read More »

  • Can you get investors for an app which hasn't been created?

    I have an idea for an app but I have no programming skills and no money to pay someone to create it for me. It is a very huge app and it would require a lot of money to help develop and market it. So I was wondering whether an investor would fund an app idea, even if it hasn't been created.

    • 2 weeks ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: Sorry, having nothing but a good idea is not going to get you anywhere, you have to put some skin in the game up font to get something like that ... Read More »

  • Should I use social networks besides Facebook and twitter?

    I'm thinking of making a website and of course it's the norm to make a Facebook and/or twitter for it for marketing purposes. I see that people have links on their sites for all sorts of social networks. Is that a wise thing to do? Won't you have to update them all at the same time? If someone follows you on all of them, won't they get like 3x, 4x, 5x the updates for the same thing?

    Example: I say "new section added for music". If I say that on all of my networks, won't some people get that update in multiple doses?

    • 2 weeks ago -
    • 6 answers

    Best Answer: Use wordpress platform for your site. It's good for SEO and mostly compatible with social media such as facebook or twitter. Use plugins on your ... Read More »

  • Which certification should LED lighting pass to enter the Germany market?

    I want to export LED lighting including commercial high power LED flood light and LED street light to German,but I heard that the there are strict certification system LED lighting product pass to the trade with Germany consumers,anybody tell me which certification the LED lighting products must through,thanks a lot!

    • 2 weeks ago -
    • 1 answer

    Best Answer: I collected some useful information just for your question,which must be help you a lot!

    Obtain CE and ENEC certification

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  • I need a list of PR managers contact info (for reviews)?

    • 2 weeks ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: Try trade press or maybe there is a yearly handbook. Most list brokers can organise a list... Read More »

  • Where to sell artwork and greeting cards?

    I have sold my artwork at anime convention and crafts shows. And I want to do something different, any ideas?

    I am trying to get away from anime convention and crafts show because right now they are little too expensive for me. Everyone want to sell you for a $100.

    I only idea I have to sell at my friend's church, but they played around and I didn't get a chance to set up a table done.

    I also sold at Premier Flea Market Douglasville, GA. But I notice my target audience is not there and I didn't make much money there.

    Thank in advance
    And this is for offline only, No Etsy, Storenvy or Cafepress. Sorry! I want to sell face to face. Thank you

    • 2 weeks ago -
    • 6 answers

    Best Answer: What about local art shows, flea markets on the weekends, or on Etsy? The art shows and flea markets will charge you a vendor price, sometimes $2... Read More »

  • Can anyone tell me good strategies for customer's attraction in business?

    I'm a Mechanical Engineering Student (non trained in Marketing) who designed a new cleaning device. ¿How should I present a consistent message to get a sponsor's interest?

    • 2 weeks ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: Creating a demonstration Youtube video may be more effective than salesmanship language. Professional inventors may tell you that good ideas alo... Read More »

  • What quality is most important to capture about a brand, product, or business?

    A. Appearance and Style

    B. Quality

    C. Values (eco-friendly, social impact, etc.)

    D. Cost

    E. Reliability

    F. Originality

    • 2 weeks ago -
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    Best Answer: Maybe values as all else springs from this, if you don't have then rest is just advertising.... Read More »

  • How long do I have to purchase something I won on ebay?

    Will I eventually not be able to purchase anything else or what will happen?

    • 3 weeks ago -
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    Best Answer: If you don't pay for the item you have won within 2 days the seller can open an unpaid item dispute with Ebay & if you fail to respond to thi... Read More »

  • I have a new product I'm pitching but I need a name of it, please help!?

    Blank auto loan check, my customers will be able to print the blank check for an approved dollar amount and take it to the dealership good as cash.

    What are some good names for a product like this?

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 3 answers

    Best Answer: Cash slip
    Clear check
    Auto cash\auto cash loans
    Car bucks
    Vehicle check
    B.A.L.C\ blank auto loan check
    Cash f... Read More »

  • How do I use 3 manufacturers coupons on the same item?

    Okay, I have been trying to figure out this mega savings coupon stuff. It's REALLY confusing!! Okay, let me see if I can explain this right (or just the way I understand it, anyway).

    They have a sale on Glade Plugins Scented Oil Starter Kits. 3/$3... Here is the link.


    Okay, so she says in order to get them all FREE, all you have to do is use 3 coupons, each for $1 off....sounds simple enough, right?

    WRONG! I found 3 (2 from one site, 1 from another because of limits per site)

    So now I have 3 coupons printed. Each of them is a manufacturers coupon.

    BUT how the hell do you use all 3 on ONE transaction?! Is it PER item? I thought they wouldn't let you do that on more than one transaction? Unless it's PER item, and them one would apply to each....

    either way, it doesn't make sense to me...


    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 1 answer

    Best Answer: They are on sale 3 for $3. You use one $1 coupon on each.... Read More »

  • Why do i have to pay for management for record deal?

    I got a call from Gadsen Records,they are a indie/major label they was like they like my music and telling me how they promote n market their artist. I was told that i need a Credit card for management its monthly,its $99 n da lowest i can put is $25. My problem is,if they like my music then why i need a credit card management..is it because my fan base isn't good enough or am i being offered for an record deal,but ijust need to pay for my management?

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: I didn't see scam report about Gadson, but record companies don't call unknowns out of the blue, this may be someone impersonating a company rep.... Read More »

  • Someone help?

    I'm a girl who is very good at house work and cooking, I was thinking about becoming a live in maid. How do I advertise myself as a maid? I know it's a weirded question, but frankly, I don't know. Thanks in advance.

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 4 answers

    Best Answer: You can advertise in the both way one is online and second is offline online means, you can advertise free of cost with your details in various f... Read More »

  • What are some popular products that are easy to research (Marketing Class)?

    I have a marketing project to do and I need to choose a product to do the project on. It has to be a very popular product that I'll be able to find a lot of information on.

    Part one of the project is basically asking me to present information about the product of my choice. I think that my requirement is to create 12 slides of information (powerpoint).

    I originally wanted to do the project on the Iphone, but we aren't allowed to do smartphones.

    Any ideas would be very helpful. Thanks!

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 1 answer

    Best Answer: Try a product that everyone needs and uses. Examples: soap, toothpaste, tissues, aspirin, bread, etc. The issue then becomes why they select th... Read More »

  • Question about USPS Media Mail and packaging?

    I read the rules/restrictions on the USPS site for media mail about no advertising but I'm concerned that the newspaper I used as packing material may be considered an ad if it gets inspected xD

    Does anyone know if this would disqualify the package ?

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: If it's crumpled up, they will see it as packing material. What the USPS if referring to are pamphlet, brochures or flyers. Keep in mind that the... Read More »

  • What color is Unicorn Dung?

    The question is self-explanatory.

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 5 answers

    Best Answer: invisible like the unicorn is came out of ?... Read More »

  • Is it a Good Idea to Add Video in Emails?

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 9 answers

    Best Answer: I would say adding videos in emails make the emails more interesting. We are visual creatures so we love to see colorful or moving images. Plain ... Read More »

  • I just made a new website for my business...advice please!?

    the website is metroplexmobilerepair.com

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: Add more products and services. Improve the font size in your menu tab.... Read More »

  • How would you make an invention and publish it?

    If you made an invention with just blueprints, could you get someone to build and manufacture it or do you have to build it yourself first? And plus, who would you give your invention to? Would you promote your idea and get a company to realize your invention? How would you get trademarks so no one steals your idea?

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: Vasiliy:

    You do not need to make a prototype of your invention to patent it.

    Do not tell folks about it unless you have... Read More »

  • WordPress plugin to allow me to promote posts?

    Is there a WordPress plugin that would allow me to promote sponsored posts from companies (that hopefully includes an easy way for companies to pay to promote posts on my blog)? It would be ideal if it had a way to queue upcoming sponsored posts and remove them from my site after a certain amount of time.

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: Of course, here you can post your content on WordPress, also can optimize meta data (meta tags) according to products or services needs. Edit and... Read More »

  • Experience with craigslist? Is there a better place to sell lightly used clothing?

    I want to see my old designer clothing from when I was like 9-12 on craigslist.
    Is that a good place to sell the clothing or where can I get more business?
    If you have sold clothing on Craigslist before, were you able to sell the clothing for good deals?
    Thanks for any tips/suggestions in advance!
    I mean I want to sell my old designer clothing, not see it. Oops!

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 3 answers

    Best Answer: My wife regularly cleans out her closets and sells on eBay. She sells nearly everything, and you will if you don't ask too much. There are lots... Read More »

  • Did my brother get ripped off?

    He got a letter from FLORIDA BAHAMA in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He won a cruise for 2. It came from a P.O. Box, it wanted money for "fees", & now he says they took $400.00 from his bank account. I don't understand how this happened because he never signed anything. I've looked on the 'net' & can't even find the company. How did they do this & how does he get his money back? He's a disabled veteran & $400.00 to him is like $4,000.00 to someone else.He says he never even entered a contest! I'm going to check the Attorney General's Consumer Protection division & the Better Business Bureau. Has anyone else heard of this company or know anything about this? Thank you!

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 3 answers

    Best Answer: first, the bank should be asked, on what authority did you send this money? perhaps the bank can advise what documentation was provided to the ba... Read More »

  • why are there ads on piratebay?

    I've been using piratebay to share my physibles for 3d printers so no I'm not doing anything illegal. I'm a dev and I would be outraged to find anything I produce on there. From my understanding most people who use pirate bay and any bit torrent client can't be a complete idiot and most people who pirate have heard of adblock. and the ads on the site are Ridiculous! Any person. with a brain can spot a scam but most of them are so obvious. Would you ever advertise anything on there? I sure wouldn't.

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 4 answers

    Best Answer: Ad space on sites like that, which get lousy conversion from people not interested in spending money, may cost the advertisers 1/10 of more suita... Read More »

  • Is this a trustworthy website?

    I would really appreciate it if someone could figure out if this site is legit i need some camo netting and they have the right kind and right size i need but i dont want to buy it and get scammed.

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 1 answer

    Best Answer: The site is 4 years old, using the host 1and1, which is typically for small businesses not very technically savvy (and not a host that Chinese si... Read More »

  • How do I write this first email to small retailers on putting my product on their shelf?

    I'm an independent inventor/designer and I've came up with an innovative product that I want to get into retail stores in my industry. The stores in my industry are mostly small, independently owned shops. There are about 100 of them in my area, and I want to write an email to each of them.

    Can someone give me some advice on writing such an email? business etiquette, etc...

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: Don't be so cheap, they will take you more seriously if you send an information packet in postal mail, emails too often end up in spam boxes and ... Read More »

  • does a product only need to be marginally better to compete successfully?

    Let's say there is two competing products in an industry, pricing is similar. Product A is slightly better than product B.

    But product B isn't bad either. Both are good products. Both performs great, but product A is slightly more ergonomic, and more hassle free.

    So product A is only slightly better than B, not significantly better.

    How much of a difference will that make in the market place? Assume the marketing is the same. Will it make only a slight difference or will the fact that product A is slightly better make it much more successful? Assuming that consumers are well educated

    • 3 weeks ago -
    • 2 answers

    Best Answer: Probably it would make no difference since most people are not likely to notice any difference. How well the product is advertised, how it looks... Read More »