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    my website and small business email isn't working? Can someone help me with contacting customer service?

    a year ago 5 Answers

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    Join the crowd. I waited on hold for over 30 minutes on the first attempt and then 47 minutes on the second attempt, only to get a busy signal. Business website and email have disappeared. I discovered that I have not been billed for webhosting since August, even though I updated the billing information to a credit card, since AT&T phone number billing was no longer an option. I try to email Yahoo, but they show that I am not a customer with a pop-up window, and that I need to contact AT&T.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • I found this on another part of the yahoo web site: i.e. at http://www.ysmallbizstatus.com/ AT&T Yahoo Small Business accounts became Yahoo Small Business accounts on August 6, 2013. To move these services and to keep them active, AT&T Yahoo Small Business account owners were required to accept a new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before September 30, 2013, with an extension later given to complete these actions by November 22, 2013. Account owners using AT&T’s Billing Telephone Number (BTN) account payment option were also required to update their account payment method to a valid credit card or PayPal account by November 22, 2013. If you’re an AT&T Yahoo Small Business account owner, you should have received several email notices about this change between May and November 2013, if you are a Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions customer you should have also received a letter to your last mailing address on record. A notice was also posted in your AT&T Yahoo Small Business account. These notices advised that if no action was taken to complete the required steps to move the account, your services were at risk to be canceled. If you’re an AT&T Yahoo Small Business account owner whose account was closed and you’d like to reactivate your services, please contact us at 1-866-849-8298 and our Customer Support team will walk you through reactivating your services. Please note: After reactivating your services, your website files and emails may not be able to be restored.

      by Gail - 4 hours ago

    • I have the same problem, been on hold twice for in two days only to be hung up on. I was paid up on mine and they refunded 23.00 to my charge account and mine is now gone. I really need my email.

      by Tim - 4 hours ago

    • I am getting the same treatment. 2+ hours last night and 2+hours tonight - then a transfer to a NON-supported help number. I just want my email to work again. Glad I am not a Small Business depending on their web hosting for commerce.

      by Brent - 4 hours ago

    • Good luck. I spent over 2 and a half hours on hold only to be hung up on. Something is going on, and I think they're trying to keep it quiet. No one that I know with a small business account has found a resolution yet. Keep pressing them.

      by Ryan - 4 hours ago

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