My yahoo website states that I can't access it?

Tried numerous attempts to access my website. It states that there is nothing associated to my account. Without a way to contact you about it my business is suffering drastically. Please contact me

8 months ago - 2 answers

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good luck with these idiots contacting you. we pay $14 a month for a website and they dont even give us contact info when we have trouble? IDIOTS!!!!!

8 months ago

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Sorry you are having trouble accessing your Yahoo! Small Business account Ron.

If your website is still active, the message you are seeing usually means you are signed in to the wrong Yahoo! ID when you are attempting to access your account.

If your website is no longer active, the message you are seeing may indicate that your account has been closed.

We want to help you recover access to your Yahoo! Small Business account. Please email your request for assistance to

Please make sure to include your Yahoo! ID and Domain name with your request for assistance.

by YSmallBizCare - 8 months ago