How do I create a sub page on my site that does not show a navigation bar?

I want to create a special page on my Yahoo Small Business web site for my very young granddaughter that is safe.
If her new page has the general Navigation Bar
she will be able to click on other pages
(some of which have YouTube links) that would allow her unsupervised access to YouTube.
Not good for an elementary school kid.
So, I'd like her page to just show her photos and for her not to be able to click to other site pages.

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Hi, Toby.

This can be done easily in Yahoo! Site Solution.

First, add a new page as explained in Select Video Gallery to allow multiple videos on this single page.

Next, follow the steps in to remove the page from the navigation bar. The page will now only come up if someone enters its URL in the browser's address bar or clicks a link containing the URL.

Please note that while your idea is a very good one it will not prevent other videos from being visible: at the end of each video, YouTube will suggest related videos.

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9 months ago