I have 2 Y! accts. Use 2 B able 2 view each of them by just click n on the 1 I want, now I can't. Help!?

Help! Can't log into one of my Yahoo accounts with "new" mail version.

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Hello Harmony, sorry to hear you are having issues toggling into your business mail inbox. To toggle back and forth, we recommend reading the following help article:

"How do I sign in to my Yahoo! Business Email account?"

You can also get into your business email address by going to only replacing "" with the domain from your email address. If you are not signed in, it will prompt you to sign in and if you are currently signed in, you will be dropped into the business email inbox.

Additionally, if you are stuck in the "basic" version of the new mail format, there is no button to toggle from that mode so you will have to click the link in the upper right had side that says "Switch to the newest Yahoo! Mail".

If you have any issues with this process, then you can contact us anytime by going to:

We hope this helps and good luck!


11 months ago