magnifying distorts my web pages?

I built my site (e-book) with Yahoo! Sitebuilder ( Each page has 2 photos at the top, then text in the body often wrapped around icons or cartoon characters. All 143 pages published with no problem. However if I try to magnify the pages on my screen, the text and graphics become distorted, overlapping each other. How do I lock the photos and text so if the customer wants to magnify the pages, they won't become distorted?

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Hi Henry,

Using your browsers zoom feature, or the windows magnifying glass does not improve the resolution of your website, it simply magnifies what is already there, which may cause distortion.

You may be able to control the look and feel of your site when magnified by custom coding your site using CSS. A great resource for learning CSS coding can be found at

While it is possible to integrate customized CSS coding with your SiteBuilder site, Yahoo! Small Business support is unable to help create your CSS coding.

If you have further questions, please contact us at

12 months ago