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    I want to move my wordpress blog to my main domin.?

    I have had a website on yahoo site builder. I am using yahoo hosting and domain. The website is http://jcontractor.com/. Recently I've created a blog on a sub folder jcontractor.com/sample. I selected 'make blog my homepage' but it only show WordPress home on the main root directory that means I see my blog home page on jcontractor.com but if I click another page such as 'about us' it goes to jcontractor.com/sample/about-us. And my previous website which was on yahoo site builder are located here jcontractor.com/homepage. I don't know why? Can anyone give me a solution?
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    Hey Jorge, what you are describing is a "root installation" of your WordPress. Currently, the Yahoo!/WordPress installer will only install your WordPress in a subdirectory and to make it appear as your home page, an index.php file is placed within your root which directs your visitors to the proper location of your WordPress. Note: this process does not effect your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, you have described an aesthetic issue that effects your URL when someone clicks from page to page, displaying the name of the subdirectory that your WordPress is installed to. In these situations where you are concerned that your visitors will be confused or unhappy with the URL displayed, we advise that you name the subdirectory you install your WordPress to something more satisfactory such as "yourdomain.com/site/" or "yourdomain.com/wp/", etc. You will not be able to change the name of the directory after installation so to change the directories name, you will want to reinstall a new WordPress and then transfer any work you have already done to the new WordPress install. Technically, you can install WordPress to the root directory of your site, but this process is not advised and not supported by Yahoo! since this process would be custom coded to make functional. One main concern with doing a root installation would be that Yahoo! Small Business does not support the editing of .htaccess which people use with WordPress custom installs to control the exact URL that is displayed called "permalinks". If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us directly by going here: http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/contactus We hope this helps and good luck!
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