My former geocities website is BACK and HACKED. Help!!?

About 3-4 years ago, I had a website that was hosted on geocites (mrspackerDOTcom). When geocities closed, I lost my website. It was recently brought to my attention that my former website is viewable once again, but now it has been hacked to promote viagra pills, etc. Since this was my former classroom website, you can imagine how absolutely inappropriate this is. This website has to be taken down. Please help!!
After contacting, this is what they had to say...

Thank you very much for your notification. After researching the domain, we have found that eNom, Inc. only provides domain name registration for this customer. We are not the webhost, internet service provider, or administrator for mrspackerDOTcom. Given that we are not the webhost for the reported domain, the allegedly infringing material identified in your notification does not reside on eNom’s servers. Accordingly, we do not have the technical ability to remove or disable specific items of objectionable content.

Again, due to the limited technical sphere in which eNom operates, we do not believe that we are the correct party to contact regarding this matter. In this instance, we suggest that you contact the party operating the website or the party hosting the website to have this matter properly resolved. A "ping" of the website you indicated often reveals the IP address of the party which probably hosts this w

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We are sorry to see this happening. Looking at the report at it appears the domain name is currently registered through The domain is pointed to custom name servers records At this time this domain is not part of the Yahoo! or GeoCities system. All links pointing to the GeoCities domain resolve to a page stating GeoCities is closed.

It appears the domain registration lapsed, and another person purchased it, they then used something like the wayback machine at to obtain a copy of your old site and modified it with their links before publishing it on their servers. At this time no part of this site exists on the Yahoo! system.

The only recommendation we can make is to contact their current registrar at and file a complaint.

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