I want to create my own html pages and host it on Yahoo Web hosting but cant find how to do that. Please help?

My client has purchased a web hosting domain from Yahoo. I don't want to use Yahoo's site solution or other tools to build the web pages. I want to create my own HTML pages and link them to my yahoo domain. Could you please tell me how do I do this? i tried to do find something in help section. But didn't get anything regarding this. There must be a place where i can place my pages (using some file uploading manager) and add a base page to domain.

This is important for my website. I have my html pages designed and ready to upload but cant find the location and way to upload them.


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Sorry for your trouble. Depending on the Web Hosting plan you've selected, you may not have access to upload custom files. If you have a Yahoo! Web Hosting Basic plan, the Yahoo! Site Solution editor is your only available tool. If you have Advanced or Premier, you have access to FTP and file management capabilities.

Please contact us through any time and we will help sort this out for you!

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