I'm paying for this service every other month, yet I can not access it.?

I have a site ( I an able to view the site. I however can not access my account. every time I try to log in it will not accept the ID info and password that I have. I need to get a phone number or something to change this info so that I can view info I may have there such as guestbook entries. please contact me at: (this is the e-mail I have on file with you) At the time I first opened this service it was with Yahoo with SBC I don't I've had access since about 2009 I would like to start checking in again, and maybe making changes.
Thank you much I hope to hear from you soon.
Araceli Hernandez-Matthews

2 years ago - 1 answers

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Hi, Araceli. Sorry to hear that you're having trouble accessing your account. We've sent our contact information to your AOL account, and look forward to hearing from you soon!

2 years ago