yahoo wordpress web hosting does it allow to upload external plugins and install them ?

answer it only if you used yahoo hosting in the past or you are using it now
i need some answers from someone who used and know about yahoo web hosting
i want to buy yahoo web hosting to host a wordpress site .
does yahoo web hosting allow uploading and installing external premium wordpress plug ins ?
does yahoo web hosting allow uploading and installing external wordpress plug ins that I've developed my self?
does it allow uploading my own wordpress website ?
they have this hosting plan :-
1st 3 months $7.46/mo then $9.95/month after
is it good to host full feature wordpress website ?
some reviews online says that if you are not satisfied with yahoo web hosting you can not cancel
and they continue charging you even after cancelling and they do not reply on customer support , is this true or not ?
i want to buy t plan this (as a beginning)
$7.46/mo For 1st 3 mos.($9.95/mo. after) not the others
is enough to get full features wordpress hosting ?
if i get it ,can i install my own plugins ? my own themes ?

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Yahoo! Web Hosting services include a built-in Wordpress installer. You can install additional plug-ins, whether they are premium or self-developed. As long as the plug-ins do not require modifying php.ini or .htaccess they should work. You can also use a custom install of Wordpress if you are comfortable doing so.

None of our services are contract based, and you can cancel them at any time if you are dissatisfied. The plans available provide you with a discounted rate if you pay for more in advance but do not lock you into any contract or service term.

For our current rates and features, visit

For more information regarding Wordpress on Yahoo! Web Hosting accounts, please check out

If you have any questions about our services or need any assistance setting up an account, you can contact us at 866-781-9246 (Mon–Fri, 7 am–5 pm PT).

Thank you for your interest!

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If you use selfhosted version of Wordpress you can use any plugin. I have never used yahoo, but I changed many hosting providers for my WP sites and didn't have any limitation concerning plugins or themes.

If you sign up for x period, you can't cancel it before contract ends. You will be billed for a full term. However, many hosting providers offer money back guarantee during first month, so you will be allowed to cancel your order within those 30 days.

You can check out HostGator. They give 45 days money back guarantee. You can use these HostGator coupon codes to get discount:
1CENT2012HG - get 1st month for 1 cent (if you pay monthly);
25LESSIN2012 - get 25% discount (note that default code SPRING gives only 20% discount).

by Nikola - 2 years ago

Yahoo is a great website. But I am not sure whether they are a good hosting service. There are quite a few professional wordpress hosting services out there. Explore them.

Hosting services with UK/US support are considered to be the best.


by Simplicity Matters - 2 years ago