What is wrong with Yahoo sitebuilder software?!?!?!?

I'm running windows and am unable to download the application to reinstall nor am I able to download new templates with my existing version. I really need this to work but am getting NOTHING back from customer service :( Plz help if you can

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Hi Sonia,

Sorry you're having trouble with Yahoo! SiteBuilder. To re-install you will first want to remove the old version and download the most updated installer from

Make sure you also have the most updated version of Java prior to a new Yahoo! SiteBuilder installation for best results. You can verify your Java version or download updates here:

If you're running Windows 7, you will need to install Yahoo! SiteBuilder to a different directory than the default due to the application not being designed for compatibility with Windows 7.

Please contact us directly at so we can help you get it up and running smoothly on your system.

Please see our help topic here for more information:


2 years ago