What is the default "yroot" mysql password?

What is the default "yroot" mysql password?
Even if its the hash lol, just need to reset it so I can FINALLY upgrade to mysql 5..

Reason I changed it you ask?
I needed the super user permissions a very long time ago and just never changed it back.. unfortunately that's also how Yahoo's system connects to check and perform upgrades to the database.. oops lol :)
For Yahoo Web Hosting, that's the reason for asking here lol.. thank you for your answer but it doesn't help me at all.. :)
Ahh ok.. dang those randomly generated passwords lol.. was hoping it'd be easy.. but oh well, e-mailed a support request hopefully it won't take a week to resolve lol..

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Sorry for the trouble Jonathan, there is no default yroot password, it is randomly generated during the install process. We want to help you reset the password on your MySQL database, please contact us at and we can reset that password for you.


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Boot or reboot your computer.

Click on the Linux kernel and press "e" as fast as you can. This screen doesn't stay up for long.

Select the line that begins with the word "kernel". This is usually the second line. Press "e". This should allow you to edit and append the kernel title or name.

Add a space after the kernel name. Type in "single". Press "enter". In some cases typing the letter "s" will also take you to single-user mode.

Press "b" to boot the system into single-user mode.

Type "passwd" at the prompt to reset the root password. Add a new password.

Type "reboot" to reboot the system, and use your new root password.

Resetting from LILO
Boot or reboot the system.

Type in "linux single" when the LILO prompt appears. Press "Enter". This should log you in under single-user mode.

Type "passwd" when the prompt appears to reset your password. Add a new password.

Type "reboot" to reboot your system and use your new root password.

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