Need help with Yahoo Sitebuilder error message please?

I am building a site for a friend. I have started/stopped it over the past couple months. After I did all this work I can't publish it, I keep getitng an error message stating: "your session has expired please try again you will be prompted to enter a new user name and password" I have disabled firewalls & antivirus as per sitebuilder but no luck. She says she didn't change her user name and/or password. Can anyone help me figure this out please? Thanks in advance.

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Sorry about the trouble you're having in Sitebuilder.

This behaviour is usually caused by a login cookie issue. Sitebuilder shares cookies with Internet Explorer and if you've changed users or signed out of Yahoo! in the browser, it may cause this error.

Try clearing temporary internet files and cookies in IE, then signing directly into with the Yahoo! ID and password.

Leave the IE session running.

In Sitebuilder, go to File > Change User. Reenter the Yahoo! ID and password. Try to publish again.

If this does not resolve the issue or if you need help with this process, please contact us at and we can troubleshoot further.

3 years ago