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    How do I add a Contact Us page and other info pages to my Yahoo Merchant website?

    I am so frustrated, so I'm coming to Yahoo answers because you guys are the only ones who seem to give clear advice right when you need it. I have searched, googled, run through the Yahoo merchant services site to get answers to no avail. Initially, I had a regular Yahoo website for my business (event planning and sweets gifts/catering). Everything was perfect. I had plenty of pages to display all of my services, products, and upcoming promotions, events etc. There were forms people could fill out to contact me, it was great. Only problem was, people couldn't shop with a shopping cart on my site. So, of course, I switched to the Yahoo Merchant Solutions! Well, as soon as I upgraded, my website was WIPED. I had to start all over again and try to remember all of my wording, re-upload all my pictures, etc.. OK so once I got over that shock, I just bit the bullet and did it. Now I'm coming across a problem. This is a store.. how can I create the other pages I had on my other page? On my other page, I had tabs for custom candy buffets that I do (not something you just buy online), Breast Cancer awareness promotions, About Us page, and most important, the Contact Us page! I don't see how to create these pages because every page they want me to create seems to be a product/purchase page. I resorted to typing it in the paragraphs on the front page but there has GOT to be a better solution! So my question is, is there a way to create these additional pages, and also, is there a way to create a contact form for customers to contact me? If so, where can I find it? Not to mention, my contact info is not even on my front page, so right now it just appears very non-user friendly. I've been dealing with this for a week or so now, trying to figure it out on my own and have probably lost quite a few potential customers behind it. And I can't even get people to the FB page because there's no way to put the icon on my front page! So I'm coming you guys to see if you can break it down for me. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi, sorry to hear you're frustrated with Yahoo! Small Business services. Fortunately we can help! When upgrading to a Merchant Solutions account from Web Hosting, your domain traffic option goes through a change. Your website would still be available to view at http://site.[yourdomain.com] (replacing [yourdomain.com] with your actual domain name). For more information on this, see our help page on the topic here: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/smallbusiness/store/manage/sitesettings/sitesettings-27.html To address other concerns, Merchant Solutions accounts can be integrated directly with FaceBook and you can add multiple pages through the Store Editor. More about enabling Social Media Sharing feature using Store Editor: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/smallbusiness/store/edit/social/social-03.html If you have any questions or would like some help addressing your concerns, please contact us at http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/contactus so we can help you achieve your goals for your store.
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