upgrade SQL version on the server?

I'm master of website I using mySQL and phpMyAdmin for this site.
But now I cant use SQL command GRANT because version of SQL on the server and on the client side are not same.
This is message on the phpMy Admin:
"Warning: Your privilege table structure seems to be older than this MySQL version!
Please run the script mysql_fix_privilege_tables that should be included in your MySQL server distribution to solve this problem! "
I can't found this script and can run it.
Help me , please
Best regards
Alexandr Komarov

3 years ago - 1 answers

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Hi, Alexandr. Sorry for the frustration this issue is causing you. We are working to to bring a MySQL version update to all of our users as quickly as possible, but we have no ETA at this time. If you have further questions, we provide 24/7 support via and we'd be happy to discuss them with you.


3 years ago