Recommendations for purchasing domain name & hosting?

Hello, all! I would like to purchase a domain name to set up my website, and of course, I will need hosting for this, as well.

I am familiar with some of the more popular companies, like godaddy (I'm unclear on whether or not the hosting would come with the purchase of a domain name, or if that would be an additional cost), and hostgator (I saw a billboard for a discount to host with them the other day, lol), and I know yahoo has a thing where you can set up your website through them, but I am just wondering if anyone has had good experiences with a particular company that they might recommend.

I would really appreciate any suggestions & feedback! Thanks, everyone! : )

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When it comes to web hosting, Hostgator is your best bet. You can host with them eyes closed without any worries..Stay away from new hosting companies that frown up with cheap prices and false claims..For domains, go with either Godaddy or Namecheap. I have 100+ domains with namecheap and so I recommend them..

Here's some Coupon Codes to use with Hostgator:

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Namecheap Discount Codes

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You can buy your domain from us and get your hosting at a very competitive price.

Our website is

by Blue Boy - 3 years ago

I've had great experiences with over the last 5-6 years.

I highly recommend them, they have great service, excellent support.

Avoid godaddy at all costs, they're good at advertising, but that's about it, you don't want the regrets of having chosen them.

I'd also avoid yahoo, their search engine and email facilities are ok, but their hosting is just not up to scratch. does hosting and that's all they do, it's what they focus all their energies on. They also give you a free domain name with free domain name privacy.

You can't beat their quality for price.

Best of luck, if you have any difficulties or more questions, you may also PM me.

by Cindy Zhang - 3 years ago

I suggest you to find a reliable and trusted hosting provider cause there are many site out there which we don't understand that the site is clean or just a scam site.
Second, try to compare the price you've got from the site with the other hosting site.
And last, try to find about other's opinion toward the hosting's reputation.

Well, it's safe to use normal and common web hosting provider like hostgator or godaddy.


by Eorny Dobble - 3 years ago

try any of these sites to buy domains and hosting

by Htdcs Ertf - 3 years ago