if they have imagemagik or gd2 installed at the web hosting?

if they have imagemagik or gd2 installed at the web hosting in yahoo ! small
small business?
if not how can i install on it ???

plz answer me as Soon as possible.
thank you
if Image Magick or gd2 did not supporting in yahoo web-hosting
how can i install that?
Or who can help me to install it?

my company have a web site hosting in yahoo web-host
i need to Know is it yahoo web-host support imagemagik or gd2 or no?
if not how can i install and from who ask to help me to install it ?

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Thanks for your question, Abdullah!

Yahoo! Small Business web hosting currently includes GD 2.0.34 with all image functions enabled. For more information on the specific libraries enabled in your web hosting, just create a PHP file with a phpinfo() call. For more help with this, please see

You can also get more detailed information on all supported PHP functions at

And if you need further assistance with this or anything else related to your Yahoo! Small Business services, you can contact us 24/7 at


3 years ago

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