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    If you set up e-mail addresses for people using your Yahoo Webhosting, how do indivividuals open up their e-ma?

    I set up 3 e-mails for people in the company I started using Yahoo Web-hosting, How do each of these individuals open their new email addresses? Also, in the information blocks on the "Contact Us" page, how do you access that information?
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    That would depend on how you set up the other accounts. When creating the new email addresses, most of our subscribers select the option "Using Yahoo! and/or another mail program, such as Outlook Express." This has the new user attach the business email to their existing Yahoo! ID. These accounts can be accessed through the web by visiting http://mail.yourdomain.tld/ (replace yourdomain.tld with your actual domain name); the user can then login with their full business email address (like user@yourdomain.tld) and password. These users can also access their messages via POP. Accounts created using the "Never with Yahoo! Will use another mail program exclusively" option cannot retrieve messages through the web, and must use an email program that supports POP message retrieval. For more information on setting up an email program, please visit http://help.yahoo.com//l/us/yahoo/smallbusiness/bizmail/pop/ . Regarding your "Contact Us" block, if you've created your site using Yahoo! Site Solution, please follow the information in the link below to edit and update the information: http://yhoo.it/ltnsgk If you've created your site with Yahoo! SiteBuilder, then you can edit the Contact form by right-clicking on the Submit button, clicking on the Properties tab, and then choosing the email address to which you wish the form submission be sent. If you have any additional questions about setting up the "Contact Us" block, please reach out to us at http://yhoo.it/bK3UrI .
    4 years ago

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