Is there a limit to size of video you can host on yahoo sitebuilder?

I have used yahoo sitebuilder for years with no issues. I have music on there and have had video in the past. Recently, my band had some video shot and edited. It won't play on my site. It's in wmv format so I know that's not the problem. I'm wondering if it is too large? I don't know much about tech things, but here's what its properties are:
Duration: 04:44
Bit Rate: 8249kbps
Dimension: 1280x 720
Size: 274 MB

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You are most likely having issues due to the high bit rate of your video file which would result in extremely slow load times. A video intended for internet streaming should be between 250kbps and 500kbps. You may need to adjust the video compression settings (you should be able to do this by opening the video in movie editing software) or try converting it to another file type all together.

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3 years ago

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it seem that, bit rate is too large, large bit rate will get large file size.

by Mary - 3 years ago