If I change my hosting from Yahoo!, do I lose the domain-based emails associated with that account?

My company plans to get rid of Yahoo hosting, but we have a lot of emails tied up under account names (, for example). If we get rid of the hosting, will we also lose access to those emails?

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If you are talking about Yahoo emails go where you go. No matter what internet service provider you have all you have to do is to bring up the Yahoo homepage by entering in your web browser to bring up the website providing the homepage. Once up you sign in as you normally did.

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Yes, if you cancel the hosting you will also lose any emails that you created with that hosting plan. This includes any email address that is @yourdomain associated with the service. If you still want to keep the emails active, you would need to downgrade your plan to one of our Business Email plans.

The instructions on how to downgrade your plan are found here :

If you still need help feel free to contact us anytime at


by YSmallBizCare - 3 years ago

Not like that,You can just transfer the Host and Domain name and E-Mail service associated with Domain name also transferred ,So you no need to worry,You can get that service at cheap cost at here and transfer domain,also hosting....

by Danielfreakymelon - 3 years ago

Yes, obviously you will loose the email conversations, which you may get after changing the hosting. For that, you can let your immediate customers know about your hosting change and also if possible, let them know the new email addresses.
If your email is the same as the one you had in yahoo, then I guess, you will not loose anything if your new hosting servers are properly configured.


by Magento Theme - 3 years ago