Is there a way to incrementally increase the price of a product based on remaining inventory?

I work for an artist who sells "limited edition" artwork on the Yahoo Store. Basically, she makes one piece of art a total of 3 times and then stops making that piece forever.

For Example: Da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa in a limited series, when he sells the first one he recreates it again. When he sells the second, he recreates it a third and final time. 3 total Mona Lisas.

The pricing rises as the piece is sold, starting with the cheapest price and ending with the most expensive. So, for example, the first piece would sell for $1,000, the second for $1,500, and the third for $2,000.

Is there a built in way to incorporate this kind of pricing in the Yahoo Store? Say, add an inventory of 3 total pieces and when the first sells it automatically displays the second price and says the first piece is sold out.

If not, what would be the best way to achieve this? I thought about adding an incremental pricing
option on each piece (Base Price: $1,000; 2nd piece: +$500; 3rd piece: +$1,000), but it needs to display that the first piece is sold out and that you only have the option for the second. I run the store externally, so it's a bit of a pain for me to have to go into the catalog manager and change the price every time something sells.

Any suggestions on the easiest way to achieve this?

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Hi, Chris.

The feature you describe is not available in our software. Your site would require custom coding to automatically update the catalog in this way.

If you'd like to engage a third party to implement this feature, please visit the Yahoo Merchant Solutions Developer Network at

And we're here any time you need assistance. Just visit to get in touch 24/7.

7 months ago

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Hi Chris,

If you are still looking for solution, you can either automatically via catalog updates (API programming is needed) and that will be best way to do it.

We can set it up for you if needed.


by Developer - 4 months ago