I have a question about discounts?

I work with a non-profit that uses Yahoo stores as their merchant site. We are trying to figure out how (or if we can) do the following:
We are advertising a 5-class series for wine education.
Each class is available for purchase at $70.00 per class.
When someone visits the site, they see the 5 classes as items, each with its own date and description.
What we want to do is this:
If someone buys 3 - 4 classes, they get a 10% discount off those classes.
If someone picks all 5, they get a 15% discount.
I see there are ways for multiple quantities of a single item, but how to apply to 1 quantity each of multiple items?

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Hi Bob,

Please contact us at so we can help you find the right options for the promotion you are wanting to set up.

8 months ago