In my yahoo store editor, there is a category missing from the sidebar page navigation. how do i get it back?

the category is still in inventory and you can still browse to the page if you type the whole thing into the address bar, it's still there, but i don't know how to get the category to show back up in the side navigation!
the website is there is supposed to be a page called "ballies & bands" if you browse directly there it's there
Thank you for responding. however when i click on "EDIT" from the home page in store editor, I see "contents-elements" and "contents-format" but no just plain "Contents"

I haven't been able to find anyplace that lists out that nav that's on the left side!

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Hello Stephanie, sorry to hear you are having issues getting the section of your choice on your left navigation bar. To start, you are correct, the section for "Ballies & Bands" is located at:

Looking at the URL, I can see the item ID for your section is: ballies-and-bands

That being said, now you will want to take the item ID for that section and place it in the "Contents" of your home page. To do this you will need to be looking at the home page in Store Editor, then click the "edit" button. From there you will see a text area called "Contents" where it will list the item ID's of the existing sections you have on your left navigation. You will notice that these item ID's are going to be separated by a space and so if you want to place the "Ballies & Bands" section on this list, you can either place the specific item ID at the bottom of the list separated by a space before it or you can place it anywhere within the list as long as you follow the space separation rule. The result after update will be the title of that section will appear in it's respective place on your left navigation bar.

If you have any issues with this process, you can contact us anytime by going to:

We hope this helps and good luck!


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