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    How can my Yahoo Store automatically display an "Out of Stock" message for items with zero inventory?

    I want the "Out of Stock" message to display automatically on the product page without manually toggling the "Availability" variable. As it is now, the "Add to Cart" button always appears whether or not the inventory for that product is zeroed out. I want the "Add to Cart" button to only display if there's inventory available. Any help, Y! Small Biz?
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    Hi Dan, At this time, the best way to remove the "Add to Cart" button altogether and simply have it say "This item is currently out of stock" is to toggle the "Orderable" variable in the Store Editor manually. The inventory being reduced to zero will do not do this automatically by default, but we will submit this as a feature request in future development updates for you. Please contact us at http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/contactus to review all your options.
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