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    anyone from yahoo store, can't you make it so that you can make an item unorderable more easy?

    you have to go into the "ITEMS" tab in yahoo store to make it unorderable which is a separate place from setting the inventory to zero. this is VERY cumbersome. Why can't those two things be in the same place such as can't you put the "orderable?" drop down menu on the SAME page as the inventory editing page? Better yet can't you just make an option for your items to be marked OUT OF STOCK under the price whenever the inventory drops to zero? my customers have to click on the thumbnail and go to the item's page to find out its out of stock which is kind of a bummer.
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    Stephanie, You can control whether an Item is orderable or not through the Catalog Manager (the same tool you use to manage your inventory). You can even edit multiple Items at once. For more details on editing Items through Catalog Manager, check out http://help.yahoo.com//l/us/yahoo/smallbusiness/store/catalogv2/catalogv2-03.html At this time, the Out of Stock message does not appear until the customer is viewing the Item directly. We are always looking for ways to improve our service, so we have sent this idea to our development team! Thank you for the suggestion! If you have any questions about using Catalog Manager to modify your Items, let us know at http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/contactus
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