how can i change the currency of my Yahoo Merchant Solution online store?

I recently opened a Yahoo Merchant Solution Online Store, but i have to charge in mexican pesos because the store is for Mexico and latin america, and the default currency is US Dollars, how can I change the currency, it is kind of urgent because I already press the open for business button and I can't be charging Dollars instead of Pesos. If you don't have the answer to question 1 and you know how to close temporarily the store, i would love to know that too, so the store is close until i fix the problem.


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Yahoo! Merchant Solutions is not set up at present to serve merchants outside the U.S. While international merchants may use Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, they should be aware of the following:

- Yahoo! Merchant Solutions' checkout systems are set up to compute currency in U.S. dollars only.
- Merchants are required to either use a compatible merchant account, a PayPal Business account, or an offline payment processor to accept payments and many of these institutions will not accept applications for merchants without a U.S.-based billing address.
- Merchants will be billed for transaction fees in U.S. dollars.
- Merchant Solutions tools are available in English only.


3 years ago