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    Why can't I open for Business!!!! Yahoo store owners please help.?

    I've finished all of the tasks needed to open my yahoo store for business, I even placed a test order. At the bottom it says, "All steps completed you're ready to open for business." When I click on the open for business button all seems fine. Everything seems to be loading, but then it diverts me to the store manager where it says my store is not yet open for business and that I need to go to the store control panel and click the open for business button WTF?! I've tried contacting Yahoo customer service several times but apperantly they've fallen off of the face of the Earth. I'm starting to wonder if Yahoo was the way to go or not. If someone has got any idea what to do please help. Thanks.
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    When did you create this merchant account? Maybe it's still to early and your account is propogating.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Have you published ORDER SETTINGS? Is there a little red asterisk by that link in the STORE MANAGER?

      by copycow - 13 hours ago

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