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    ATTN: Yahoo! Merchant Store Owners?

    I recently opened an online store with Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, I'm new at this so bear with me. Is there an easier way to upload products into your catalog? I am wiped out. I've been getting product info and images from my wholesalers websites and manually entering them through the store editor but it takes FOREVER!! There has to be another way to go about this. Has anyone ever used a CVS (I think thats what its called) file? Is that simple? I did a little research into it but I'm afraid to use it becuase I don't want to lose any info I've already put on the website. Any help would be great.
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    First go to catalog manager. Then go to upload products. Then Download your products. This will give you a CSV file that is formatted correctly with all the products that you entered. Then you can make changes to that file and add and then re-upload it. Fairly easy... Also, you can bulk upload photos under the control section in the site editor.
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