how to ship stuff i sell online?

what do i do after selling something on etsy shop or online?? how do i know how much it cost before i post it.. am i supposed to print out an invoice? please help me i want to start selling asap thank you

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Go to the website or FedEx and UPS and read their complete lists. Buy a scale so you can measure the packages at your house. You can easily drop off the items at the post office or you can have UPS-FEDEX come to pick them up. Do not worry about printing out an invoice. The buyers have an idea of the shipping costs. Some sellers charge a shipping and "handling" fee. They are paying themselves for the trouble of wrapping and sending the package. Some buyers don't mind; others avoid those sellers.
After you have sent 2 or 3 parcels, you will be an old pro.

3 years ago