Kids clothing shop names idea plzzz?

I'm going to open a kids clothing shop and i don't know what name should i pick for it.. i want a short, cute, funny and not a spoiled name...
please help with your ideas
tnx everyone

4 years ago - 3 answers

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It could be something simple like Kids Close or for design Kids Klose.

4 years ago

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what about
1.children choice
2.kid's collection
3.children collection
4.kid's choice

by Alisha - 4 years ago

1. toddlers clothes and/or kids clothes
2. Kiddy Klothes
3. Kids Krawling Klothes, Triple K.

Try looking in a thesaurus to find rhyming words with either Kids or Toddlers. I bet you will come up with something.

by Dog Lover :) - 4 years ago