Problems with options for my yahoo store?

Hi Everyone,

I am having problems uploading options for my yahoo store. I have over 500 products that all have individual custom options from another retailer that I am reselling. The issue is, is that it's been one week of retyping them to fit the framwork of yahoo options and I feel like there is an easier way. I already downloaded the catalog manager and am changing it in excel but it's taking me forever. Is there is an easier way? Below I will put how the options were emailed to me and how yahoo wants them uploaded:

Store Options:
A|EB1047|label_color|select|<strong>Label Color</strong>|0|0|0|||67|0

Yahoo Options:
"Label Color" "Pink" "Blue" "Green"

Thanks for your help!

4 years ago - 1 answers

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Unfortunately, there is actually no easier or faster way around this issue you have as Yahoo doesn't support anything the way you wish it. I would simply suggest getting someone responsible to convert it all if you have other important tasks to be done, otherwise, you'll have to do it as your doing it now

4 years ago