Domain address transfer under Yahoo Small Business, from one Yahoo account to another.?


I am faceing some difficultys. I have read many Help-desk articles.... I am freezed.
Ok. Thats the case: I own privat Yahoo account and also another Yahoo account for my business. Both of them are customers at Yahhoo Small Business and owns web pages (1 domain for each account).
Now I would like to bring my .com website from private account under my business Yahoo account called "domain transferring". I found some instructions, but they did´nt worked out. (I prepeard my domain for transfer and its ready)
To build a website I have used SiteBuilder solution under both accounts.

Sorry, if I wrote too much but I have wasted much time to resolve my problem.... could´nt do it myself :(

Thank You for helpful answer!

7 months ago - 1 answers

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Hi, Tarmo.

We can certainly help you change the ownership of your services from one Yahoo ID to another. Please visit and give us a call or ask us to call you. We're here 24/7, so get in touch whenever it's convenient.

7 months ago