My domain is missing from Yahoo Small Business?

I registered a domain name few hours ago. Now, both the domain name and my small business account are vanished! While searching for available domain name, I found mine available in the wild! Yahoo small business won't let me contact support because my small business account doesn't exist any longer (which is gone with the domain name as well). My queries are-

1. I have been owning and managing domain names for over a decade, and this is the first time I am experiencing this kind of situation. How is this possible?
2. My domain name was locked by default, so was not supposed to be freely available again without my authorization. Who will take responsibility if my domain name is taken by someone else? Who shall I complain to against this irresponsible occurrence?
3. I had to search for about an hour to get this email address of Yahoo small business ( from somewhere barely related to yahoo. And I hope that this address is right. How come they don't have any way to reach to their support?

What am I supposed to do now? any idea?
Just to clarify, I have already paid for this domain. I had received the confirmation email from yahoo with all the details about the domain. I had seen the domain in Yahoo small business control panel, I could even configure the details of the domain. Now that I need Yahoo's immediate technical support, I cannot find a easy way to contact them.
Finally I received call from yahoo. As they explained to me, due to the international nature of my payment account, the payment was rejected by their finance department. However they couldn't explain why they released my beloved domain name in the wild without notifying me by even a single email. They asked me to complain to the administrator. Since I need to buy something to have an active account in Yahoo small business to get in touch with the right person to complain to, I thing I will pass!

I went back to godaddy to register the same domain address. Although I am an international customer with credit card from one country but living in another, after chatting with the godaddy customer support for over half an hour, we found a suitable solution for payment (with coupon).

Small business needs support and care in every step. As good as the Yahoo free services may be, they are not good enough for the small business yet.

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If you're unable to sign in to your Yahoo Small Business account, please email your Yahoo ID, domain name, phone number, and best time to call (including time zone) to us at

We hope to hear from you soon.

7 months ago

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Did you already pay for the domain names?

Did you get email confirmation?
You can do a check to see who owns it now if it has gone.

Also there may be a technical problem. I believe you can also phone Yahoo for support if they supplied you with the domains.

by Kleem108 - 7 months ago