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    Yahoo Name Server Emergency Contact?

    Hi everyone, I do IT support for a company and their DNS records were recently switched over from another company to Yahoo's name servers by the company's website guy without my knowledge. Because of this the A records and the MX records for external access to internal resources and for routing email got deleted and he never recreated them. He is being woefully unhelpful saying that the name servers have nothing to do with our internal servers, that customer facing website is up and running so no changes need to be made, bla bla bla, in other words he pretty much doesn't understand the way DNS or email works. Anyways I'm wondering if there is some kind of 24/7 emergency contact info for Yahoo's nameservers. They've been down for 2.5 days now because of this and because the website guy is being woefully unhelpful I am having to look to other routes to find a solution. Because today is technically part of the July4th weekend Yahoo's public facing numbers on their web hosting website are all closed. Being that they tout this as a service for "small businesses" I would think there has to be some kind of emergency 24 hour support phone number for people to call in situations like this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Hello, sorry to hear that your domain is being adversely effected by someone who doesn't understand how DNS works. We do have 24 hour technical support for our active customers. In your situation however, we wouldn't be able to make any DNS changes to any domain being managed by us without owner account security verification questions being answered first. You will need to have the administrator for the account update the MX, A, and CNAME records for you from the Domain Control Panel. We would advise that you provide the admin with your records and then have them call us by going to: http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/contactus We will be able to walk that admin through the process of updating the DNS. We hope this helps and good luck!
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