Difficulty getting money back from Yahoo. Poor contact support.?

I have transferred a number of domains out from Yahoo and after some difficult time getting through to them, they have agreed to refund the money paid for renewals of transferred domains. However, the money was never refunded even though they have updated the my records. My bank received no communication to the effect. No longer a customer, I cannot even get in touch with them. It looks as if Yahoo is making it difficult for customers to connect. All attempts go round in circles. I tried all the email contacts given through some of these questions-and-answers but failed. Calling them is not the easiest either since I am from a different time zone and the waiting time for each call can be long... Please advise the best way to successfully contact them to get my refund! The amount is not small...close to $1000.

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We do apologize for any issues you are having contacting Yahoo! Customer care, but rest assured we are here to help.

It is true that when you no longer have Yahoo! Small Business services, the ability to directly contact is removed from our contact page, however we do have other options for you to contact us about this matter.

The first would be to directly email us at If you choose this option please include the Yahoo! ID that was associated with the service when it was active, any domain names that were in question, and the best way of contacting you back about the matter.

The second option would be contacting us directly on our Facebook page at On our page you can choose to message us directly with the same information we would need if you mailed us.

Once again we do apologize for any issues this may have caused and we hope to hear from you soon.


2 years ago

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Mail your problems to: (the missing e is intentional) or fax the details to: (408) 349-3301. Hopefully those 2 weren't on the list which you already tried...

by echinopsis . - 2 years ago